The United States and the West champion defending the crown

Into September, NFL regular season getting closer, our “32 days 32 teams” season forward program has come to an end. Today to continue the Midland West team’s introduction, this time the introduction of the Division of the defending champion – Kansas City Chiefs team.

Coach Andy Reed

Personnel changes: deals and drafts, coaches and management

The chiefs have not changed too much this season. Coach Andy Reed (Andy Reid) continue to serve as the head of the team, defensive coaching staff neat, the only major change is that the team last season by (Brad Childress) and (Matt Nagy) together as the attack group Coach of the duties, and this year Qi Erde Si was promoted to deputy head coach, attack team coach is Naji own. Taking into account the Reed himself is to guide the offensive origin, is the team’s first person in charge of the attack on the team’s tactical impact on the field can be said to be minimal.

Although the team in the last two years did not make a breakthrough in the playoffs, but the regular season record is very stable, so the free market is also mainly on the sidelines, mostly in the contract contract expired players, and signings To always is the main pick. This is the case this year, the team did not with the main defensive cut the tower – wave contract, so from the Philadelphia Eagles signed Benny – Logan (Bennie Logan) replacement wave position. In addition to the team there is no significant introduction of free agents, on the contrary, is to leave the players to attract some attention. In addition to the wave did not like the outside world as expected to get the star players privilege label, the team also with the past few years the main runaway Jamal – Charles and the main players nfl jerseys china Jeremy – McLean has terminated. The team attack group was the original scorer, and now with Charles and McLean break up, can not help but question, the team’s offensive season will be what level.

Headed star

The defensive team of the chiefs team cheap jerseys, even in the midst of the defender and defender (Derrick Johnson) has been high, outside the defender (Tamba Hali) and (Justin Houston) suffered injuries, wave and leave the case, or With Eric Berry and Marcus Peters. Berry’s career is very valuable, into the league in 2010, in the 2013 season to play the top security performance, who knows in the 2014 season after a game, he felt chest pain, sent to the hospital was eventually diagnosed with Hodge Kim’s lymphoma (NBA fans are very familiar with, Minnesota Timberwolves have died the former head coach Philip – Sanders is the disease). After 7 months of treatment, Berry began to regain rugby in July 2015, eventually returned to the stadium in the 2015 season, and it did not take long to find his peak in the 2013 season, but also for two consecutive years selected season The best team a team, this year also signed with the chiefs of 6 years 78 million long.
Because there is a return to the existence of the great devil Hill, the chiefs in the back attack is considered to be the absolute sense of the team, last season kickback back to the number of yards for the league fourth, abandoned kicking back to the number of yards is the Union First, the league is the only three in the two back to attack have completed the touchdowns of the team. The new season will undoubtedly continue to play the role of Hill in this area, for the development of more targeted back attack strategy.

New season outlook

The chiefs of the offensive level than last season have more questions, and the strength of the defensive team should be increasing. So the development of the United Western Union is likely to follow the same season, the chiefs and Auckland Raiders two teams go hand in hand, and ultimately both into the playoffs.

Expected results: 10 wins and 6 losses, with small points advantage won the division title.