Texas defense guard J.J. watt: don’t expect the team to rebuild

The Houston Texans are just 1-6 this season and have fired General Manager Bill O’Brien. Now it looks like they are a team that will be rebuilt.

But for 31 year old J.J. Watt jersey cheap, a star thrower, reconstruction is not in his consideration. After 10 years, the three time defensive player of the year winner has few years left in his career.

On Wednesday, Watt was asked if he thought he would end his career in Texas.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that I don’t have 10 years left in my career,” watt said. “I personally think I have a few more years to do well. But you can’t either… I’m not looking forward to rebuilding. I’m looking forward to playing for the championship and that’s what I want to do. So the best thing for Houston Texans is what’s best for me

Anyone with a good eye can see that Watt may be hinting that his days for Texans are numbered.

Watt has one year left on his contract, worth $17.5 million. However, since this part of the salary is not guaranteed income, if Texans start rebuilding mode in the off-season next year, the two sides may agree to a peaceful separation.

With no first and second round picks in next year’s draft, Texans may take a long time to rebuild after the new general manager and coaching team takes office.

For a player like watt who has taken root in Houston, it’s clear that he wants to stay and succeed. But after only four playoff victories after six American League Southern titles, Watt understood that he could not wait for the Texan to return to the top of the division.

“At the beginning of your career, you feel like life is endless,” watt said. “Obviously, we won our first division title and our first playoff win in my rookie season. The next year, we won 12-4 and you think the next day will be wonderful and you will get better and better. Then you’re only 2-14, and the reality of NFL’s business side and everything that comes with it hits you directly. You realize, oh, life is not going to be easy. When you go back to the last seven years, yes, we’ve won some division titles, which is great, but it’s not the goal. That’s not the goal. ”

“You can’t just get into the playoffs. Your goal can’t just win one or two playoffs.china jerseys If your goal is not to win the super bowl, your goal is not to try to win the championship and put your team in the best position to win, then you can’t win. So this is my mu. That’s why I try. That’s why I came back from all these injuries. Because that’s the goal, and that’s what I’m still working on. “