Suddenly! Less than two weeks into the new season, Ma quarterback Lack told the team that he was retiring.

According to Tom Pelissero, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck jerseys sales has told the team that he is retiring from the NFL arena.

As the top pick in 2012, Lack led the ponies to the final of the American League, but in recent years, he has been plagued by injuries and illnesses. After recovering from injuries last season, Lack re-led the Colts into the playoffs and won the annual “East Mountain Re-emergence” award. The team is hoping that he can lead the Colts further and reshape their glory.

According to sources, the star quarterback, who is about to turn 30, is ready to meet with Jim Irsay, the owner of the Colts, to discuss the decision. It is reported that a formal press conference will be held shortly to announce the news, but Lack is mentally exhausted and ready to leave the arena.

Lack has been dealing with injuries throughout the off-season and has not played in pre-season matches. Initially in March, he was diagnosed with a calf strain, which affected his foot movement; however, further tests earlier this month showed that his left ankle was still painful.

Lack’s retirement means that Jacoby Brissett, the team’s No. 2 quarterback, will start the regular season on behalf of the ponies in the first week,jersey when they will challenge the powerful Los Angeles Blitzkrieg away.

Injuries disrupted Lack’s good start in the NFL career. As the top pick in 2012, he led the ponies to the playoffs in the first three seasons of his career, including the 2014 FIFA Finals. However, after a shoulder injury in the third week of 2015, Lack’s “bad luck” began, and he has missed 26 games since then, including his absence for the whole of the 2017 season.

This year, Lack is still actively training in the training camp.

Many problems, at the moment when the news came out, Las Vegas Westgate lowered the Indianapolis Colts jerseys online Madrid’s odds of winning the championship from 1:12 to 1:30. Because the loss of Lack to the Colts is obvious.

The only consolation for the Colts is that substitute quarterback Brissette is still a candidate who can barely lead the team forward. In 2017, he started 15 times, came out 3098 yards 13 times and was intercepted 7 times. The patriot quarterback can really “be prepared for a rainy day”, and now his role is reflected.

It is certain, however, that even if Brissett is excellent, he will not be able to take the place of Lack. As many experts and fans believe, for the current pony team, how far the team can go depends entirely on how long they can protect Lack. Now, they have to think about other ways, including picking a quarterback at next year’s draft.