On Monday, us time, according to ESPN, the Houston Texans will implement the fifth year option of the new rookie contract for the DeShaun Watson jerseys.

The Texans has also been actively engaged in renewal negotiations with Watson. The fifth year option, which is expected to pay $17.3 million a year, will become full coverage in the event of injury.

Watson and chief quarterback (Patrick mahome) are the two stars of the 2017 first round show, and their contracts are expected to break records. Now it has been reported that mahames will earn about $40 million a year.

Watson previously signed a four-year, $13.854 million rookie contract with the Texans, including a fifth year contract option. The base salary in 2020 is expected to be $1.17 million.

Last season, Watson played 15 games for the Houston Texans jerseys online sales, pushing the ball 3852 yards, reaching the formation 26 times and being intercepted 12 times. He also pushed 413 yards into the ball, reaching the formation seven times.