Spear VS shield

The 2017 season of the NFL regular season kicked off on Friday, when the former United States west side champion, Kansas City chief, turned away the defending champion of new England patriots on the road, giving an exciting start to the new season’s NFL. On Monday, the rest of the team will start the debut, two National League giants giants, Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers, will launch a strong dialogue in early 11 4:25, here is looking forward to the game.

The fight between spear and shield

Packers superstar quarterback Aaron – Rodgers is the number one hot spot in regular season MVP before the season. After winning the man’s highest honour in the 2014 season, Rodgers spent an unstable 2015 season and had a bad start last season. But in the middle of the season he found the feeling, led the team to six straight final regular season, and eventually led the team scored a National League finals, from the super bowl is just a step away. With last season’s strong momentum, Rodgers hopes to bring the scoring team, which scored third league goals last season, to make a good start for the new season. Strong return receiver Jody Nielsen last season, the new aid proximal front matru Carlos Bennet to join, let the Green Bay’s passing attack looks more terrible than the past. The only possible to withstand the challenge at the ball, the team staffing is stepped in last season’s ty Montgomerie, plus three low round rookie. Nevertheless, the overall offensive level of the packers is still a sharp spear.

At the same time, the defense is the strongest shield haiying. After losing the League all the time for the last three years, the team lost third points in the League last season and has been seen as a step backwards. So last week, the team traded from New York jets to star defensive winger Sheldon – Richardson. Since he joined, the Seahawks expected defense group main force of 11 people, 8 people have been selected for occupation bowl. So terrorist personnel, only to achieve the seahawks. Green Bay is the offensive group led by Rodgers sharp, or Seahawks defensive group strong opponents like clouds more stable, we will wait and see.

Lei Xi to Rambo court

In addition to maintaining dominance in their respective strengths, the two teams have made certain improvements in their respective weaknesses. The Packers’ defensive team suffered from injuries last season and often needed Rodgers’s attacking team to play high. National League finals by Atlanta falcons team 44 points, make management aware of the defense reinforcement is urgent. So the offseason team in the free market to sign up to cornerback von Moorhouse and defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois, and this year’s first round pick to cornerback Kevin kim. Later with the other team lineup has reduced, the packers signed veteran guard Ahmad Odom outside Brooks, defensive striker Quinton – DELL and rookie guard Chris outside, I hope these new signings can bring new vitality to the defense group.

At the same time, rushed the ball and the line of the team also criticized the Seahawks made reinforcement. Although the star running back Sean ma – Lin Qi comeback, but due to the Seahawks salary cap had no choice but to send him to the Lin Qi hometown team Oakland raiders. Instead, the team chose to sign Eddie, who did not renew the contract with the packers – to supplement the running position. Rethy over the past two years, first by weight problems, then missed most of the season, for the Seahawks, must play well to save occupation career. And the first match is a return visit to the old club, and it will give ray more power. In addition to Lei Xi, the Seahawks also signed guard Luke Joe Kerr, elected to the center Ethan Boqiqi, hoping to strengthen the team’s performance has been poor line.

The brothers fight against each other

Another aspect of the game is that the Bennet brothers will play again as rivals. Bennet a year older Seahawks defensive end Michael announced last week that he Zaimei Mcgregor after a century of war in a few days ago, suffered by the police manhandled the shocking encounter. According to Bennet himself, he was once on the ground by the police and his gun pointed at his head. Finally, the police realized that he had caught the wrong man and let him go. It was the first time he had been on the court after he announced the event, and coincidentally, his brother was in the match.

Speaking before you can embrace with his elder brother, the packers tight end, the new aid Bennet matru tears: “I think this thing I feel have mixed feelings. At some point, a hug is the best way you can express your feelings. (Michael story), the final results did not too bad, after all, is what really happen, I may never see him. So, for me, I was so happy to see my brother.”

Injury problem

This season is the first game of the season, so the teams are relatively healthy. This is the only Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark because of the wrist injury and can not participate in all training contents. The packers, star right tackle Blaine Braga has just recovered from an ankle injury, playing time may be limited.