But in the first round draft pick in the us shocked is jerseys news too much, the drop in the front end position players, have to say the draft is definitely a mind game, the team’s management brains, infighting, a player is in a position to go butterfly effect triggered by enough to break the normal the cognition, so that in the United States to take away the NFL draft NBA playoff ratings can be too much, after all, the draft has slowly transformed into a reality show, but also that comes with suspense, reasoning effects of high-end programs, how can people not love.

Chiefs do not look at the future look forward to long-term investment can also be understood

Then with the price of Bill and the chiefs of the transaction, and they changed from 27 to the cis position of the tenth. Just select a play in a fixed system of quarterback, although Ma Holmes 5000+ codes with 40+ array level in the NCAA brush, but the position of chief of defense is not selected do not choose the ground offensive, give up that force, chose to focus on the future. You know the chief after Jamal Charles was injured and can not show the good level to punch the ball and Arrakis Smith, there are a few years available, quarterback can chiefs wanted to wait until next year, but it is also because a Chubisiji was bears away in second, four candidates who suddenly suffered compression. But at this time the chief is eager to pick a traditional quarterback like Ma Holmes, who is still a problem in adapting to modern football tactics.

In general, this draft before ten disappointing selection too much, all this is attributed to the bears and Titan with a wave of good rhythm, they forced the quarterback and took over all hot up, the result is like 49 people and the New Orleans saints team. They easily picked up a defender. And in today’s second round, most of the teams have started to choose, but there is still a very independent team.

Tiger with winnowing external blame players too incompetent

Before you answer the question, please let me congratulate the maple leafs. Look at what they are doing here, the atmosphere here, the maple leaf country, all the young players and fans here. They have oppressed us so badly that we know better than you, the media and the fans, how hard it is, how hard it is to play here. They had a wonderful season and they had a lot to look forward to in the future. I know that in the future if there are mature players want to go to a mature team, they will come to Toronto.”

The Cincinnati tiger team was the Titans with lightning frighten quickly chose 40 yards record man John Ross, the brother in the United camp 40 yards in the test, Ross ran 4.22 seconds to create a new record. Cincinnati tiger team chose Ross largely because the other team took over the ability really bad, in the face of the Bengal tiger team can even give up over to others on the AJ- marker, Green double and Green injuries for the tiger is also a hidden danger, in the event of the two best wide receiver being selected in advance to go, tiger plans into cheap jerseys disarray, they are not on line reinforcement, although Ross makes people slightly disappointed, but it can only be said in desperation, strain Cincinnati must make the tiger team.

After the capital’s overtime victory over the maple leaf, coach Barry Trotz walked into a crowded media room, with dozens of journalists, eager not to let reporters to ask questions, but very generously praised the struggle with them five overtime opponent.

More than ten minutes ago, when the maple leaf team was lore, the audience almost no fans immediately exit. The maple leafs players gather together, raise the club on their hands and greet the fans around the court. All the football fans waving white handkerchiefs, shouting in unison, “Go Leafs go”. The capital men’s team is in a row, shaking hands with each other.

Not disappointed, many fans eyes are full of tears. But they are more aware that this playoff journey has come to some surprise,wholesale jerseys losing is not shameful. They are more willing to look forward to the memorable season behind, the best hockey, the best maple leafs, still in the future.

It’s hard to lose, but you look around the room and I think we’ve done everything. I think we left all that we could do on the ice. I think we have a bright future.” In the dressing room, a rookie who scored a goal, said Mattews. His number 34 shirt is the biggest in the field. Before the game, there are local media pulled the fans on the square, the maple leaf team who is most likely to retire here, there are a lot of fans say the name of the mattews. He deserves all the love.