The falcons running back kuangpen team was reversed

Freeman defant – it’s hard to let go by the reversal in the new England patriots in the super bowl, he even thought that the team finally lost him a MVP chance to win a super bowl, Freeman think it all comes from the falcons in the fourth quarter still bold use of the ball.

“I hate this, but I really think that when I have the opportunity to become a super bowl MVP, but everything is good, because there are other opportunities we don’t want to talk to four points at that time, Matt Ryan we dispute what I just talked about that game, like this: if I can keep the ball, I’ll hold the ball, if I was still in the game. I don’t know why the team suddenly didn’t want me to hold it.” Defant – Freeman said, his voice is full of resentment, he may think that at that time the team wouldn’t let him go to choose to run the ball to lose the biggest reason for the Super Bowl falcon.

“If I can stay on the field, I’ll get super bowl MVP. I’ve seen my data. The data won’t lie. You can look at my data.”.” Defant – Freeman said. His feelings may be as sad as those of the forty-ninth Super Bowl horse Sean – Lynch, or Richard – Sherman.

Defant – Freeman in the first three games to lead the falcons made a 28-3 lead in the game, Freeman defant 11 times for 75 yards with a touchdown, also completed two catches for 46 yards. But the second half of the game Freeman Falcon was almost abandoned, he only got 5 red ball, the Falcon kept passing attack is the result of choice, Matt Ryan, was killed off the ball constantly gave the Patriots the opportunity to reverse, originally in general the team score ahead of time will consume time rush the ball, the Falcon chose to Matt Ryan kept passing, cheap jerseys china while defant – Freeman.

“This is a very difficult thing, I think I may never come out from such things to be honest, I think he will continue to be remembered in my mind, I think we can get a Super Bowl this year, I think maybe we can open up a king of this dynasty, I you can close to Brady’s honor, you know what I mean? It’s always been replayed in my head again and again.” Freeman said, and he even choked. Just like Richard – Sherman has been unable to forgive Pete – Carol, like Russell – Wilson, Freeman may never forgive Matt – lane.

“I don’t think you can always think of those wrong things, I will always remember that game and hope what they can do, what can I do next, I just hope that we can grasp this.” Defant – Freeman holding back the pain inside the team cheer.

And Matt – lane himself can not forget all this, he even pathological watching the scene of the video, Ryan for all this can only slowly comfort themselves.

“You have learned something from the super bowl, as we do, you will handle these things, like I do now, we will continue to move forward, we have is not the same as last year, I think we are ready to meet the challenge.”
Is it possible, like Ryan said, that the falcons will be back on track? Who do not know, but Freeman defant would do to Ryan? No one knows.