One of lion’s former legendary players has joined the team’s management, responsible for the team’s jerseys sales and promotion.

Former team Lineback Chris Spielman will join the management as a special assistant to the chairman, President and CEO, the Detroit Lions jerseys officially announced on Tuesday. Spielman will be a direct assistant to rod wood and will also be present at the team’s interview for general manager and head coach candidates.

According to Sheila Ford HAMP, the Detroit Lions main owner and chairman, Spielman has been the “ambassador of excellence” of the team “since he put on his jersey as a rookie in 1988.

Chris Spielman jersey said: “I am very honored and happy to have this opportunity to work for a team that can be said to be part of me I will do my best to help Ms. HAMP and the Ford family to achieve what we can all be proud of. ”

Spielman played for the lions for eight years, was selected for the professional bowl four times and was selected for the best lineup in 1991. After his retirement, Spielman was a commentator for Fox and ESPN.

It is believed that the addition of Chris Spielman will bring a new look to the promotion and sales volume of Detroit Lions jerseys.