Browns rush passer miles Garrett: winning is the ultimate goal of the new season

Since becoming the No.1 draft in 2017, Myles Garrett’s talent and performance have made him one of the top defensive players in the league.

But no matter how capable or honored Garrett is, his Cleveland Browns jerseys china has yet to reach the long-awaited turning point.

Therefore, Garrett’s goal for the new season is very simple.

“Win,” Garrett said. “I want to be in the playoffs. You have so many goals. Everyone wants to be in the best team. Everyone wants to be the best player in their position. Everyone wants to be the defensive player of the year or want their success on the court recognized, but the ultimate success is the team’s success. No matter how good I am, if we don’t perform well, no one will remember my season or the performance of any of our defensive forwards. I want our entire defense team to finally shine, get into the playoffs and compete for the championship. This is what I want to do. ”

Garrett has been in the Pro Bowl once. He has 30.5 catches in 37 career games. He reached the defensive player of the year level before being banned last season.

But his team has never been successful. In three seasons, Browns record is 13-34-1.

It can be predicted that Myles Garrett jerseys will try his best to help the team win in the new season. But the goal of winning sounds simple, but it may not be easy.