Cam Newton: Patrick Mahomes is changing the game

Patrick mahomes is a symbol of the new generation of players in the league, and a player who was once the league’s trademark praised him.

The Kansas City chief led by Mahomes will face new england patriots in the next game, which means that the 2018 MVP and last season’s Super Bowl MVP will face the 2015 MVP cam Newton. Newton was looking forward to facing Mahomet.

“God, he’s changing the game,” Newton said on Thursday. “I think he’s leading a new generation of quarterbacks. It’s fun to watch him play

Despite their excellent running ability, Patrick Mahomes jersey and Newton are very different quarterbacks. Newton, for example, was taller, allowing him to set a quarterback career record of 62 smashes and 40 hits of one shot and one pass.

In his first season for the Patriots, Cam Newton’s jerseys wholesale sales performance was close to the level when he won the MVP in 2015. His average passing yards per field, the average advancing yards per pass and the quarterback scoring were very efficient.

“If only I could have some of his abilities, such as his physical fitness and the way he was able to complete the attack. He’s a great player and I watched him play when he was at Auburn, “Mahomes said of Newton. “He’s in a good environment now and he’s doing really well.”

At the same time, Mahomes has NFL career average passing (303.2 yards), average passing (2.5 times) and quarterback score (109.4). He is also the only quarterback with an average of more than 300 yards per game and a quarterback score of more than 100 against bill Belichick’s team.

Another difference between the two is that Mahomes has a Super Bowl champion ring, while Cheap Cam Newton Carolina Panthers jerseys failed in the 50th Super Bowl.

After opening with three wins in a row, the chieftain is considered to have an advantage in the game. But in the end, whether it’s a win or a loss,Cam Newton and Patrick Mahomes jerseys will give a wonderful shirt match.