Cam Newton: it’s a dream experience to be a Patriots

(CAM Newton) signed with the New England Patriots jerseys a month ago, but the former Panther quarterback is still unbelievable.

“I still I don’t want to say it’s doubt, but it’s a dream like scene. ”

“No one knows how excited I am. To join this club Follow this powerful Dynasty with so many achievements and achievements. For me, the opportunity is so good that I have to pinch myself every day I wake up. It’s so surreal. ”

Newton said he felt the support of the area around Boston and the residents of foxburg. As in the Panther, Newton will still wear the No. 1 Jersey.

The head coach (bill belickk) is not sure Newton will be the starting quarterback, but said that the players have to fight for the position themselves. Newton’s competitors include Jarrett stidham and Brian Hoyer.