49ers defense Coach: Bills quarterback Allen is like young cam Newton

Standing 6’5 “and weighing 237 pounds, Josh Allen jerseys is the last thing a defender wants to face at full speed.

Allen, who has made a breakthrough this season, is expected to be included in the professional bowl for the first time in his career and is also considered to be the MVP. In the next game, he will face the test of San Francisco 49ers defense group.

According to Robert Saleh, 49ers air defense coordinator, Allen, with his body and ability, reminds him of another athletic quarterback.

“He’s like the young cam Newton jerseys. Obviously, cam is still able to pass and still be able to do all these things, but he’s hard to get caught, “Sarah said on Friday. “They let him run with the ball, which is basically like a wildcat attack. A lot of their tactics are to kick off the ball and let him surprise the ball. It’s more daring than my attitude towards being a quarterback, but he makes it work

When she was the Seattle Seahawks defense quality control coach from 2011 to 2013, Sarah needed to help the team deal with the then young Newton. Seahawks limited Newton’s play against the Carolina panther in 2013. But Newton led the panther to defeat the Jaguars in 2015 when Sarah was coach of the Jaguars in Jacksonville.

After defeating Newton’s patriots six weeks ago, Sarah would have wanted to agree with Allen, but it would be a tough challenge. Although the season was unstable, Allen used his strong arm strength and excellent mobile ability to play a wonderful performance; at present, he got 3028 yards in passing, ranked seventh in the league, and 311 yards in the charge, ranking sixth in the quarterback.

When Buffalo Bills and 49ers jerseys in the weekly night, Allen’s performance may determine the outcome of the game, and his performance will further prove whether he can reach the elite quarterback ranks.