Fans stayed up all night, waiting for Brady at 4 a.m., and Brady was airborne in the Great Wall

This is a worthy Chinese NFL fans to commemorate the day, arrived in Beijing today because the legendary NFL player Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback NFL China has been officially opened. It is reported that the Tom Brady and his eldest son Jack came to Chinese, while the first station is the the Great Wall trip today. Brady together with his son Chinese visited one of the most prestigious places of historic interest and scenic beauty. The first stop today in Chinese line also occurred in the Brady some interesting things!

Fans at 4 a.m. Dunshou Brady, until finally the autograph

It is reported that this time there are a lot of fans that Brady in time after Brady deployed to the only place Dundian, and pays off, so there are four loyal fans in the Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing at 4 a.m. on the squatting in their insurance, some give up, finally ushered in the dawn of hope. Brady in the morning at about 10 to the the Mutianyu Great Wall, the four happy fans finally have their idol, the four fans dressed in a Brady shirt fifty-first Super Bowl champion, and Brady in the four Jersey on one hand a time signature, the scene is exceedingly jealous, as one falls, another rises, to know that even Boston’s aborigines are difficult to meet this Brady and Brady’s autograph. The four fans in the Brady signed after another and Brady photo face, could not help but happy smile, and Brady wear very casual, wearing sunglasses and still.

The visit to the Great nfl Wall

After this episode with four fans, Brady began in the Great Wall’s activities. After he got off the bus, he took a cable car to visit the magnificent scenery of the Great Wall. Brady continued to visit the Great Wall, and the tour guide was quite careful, as Brady spoke of these Chinese traditions. Brady listened very carefully and took many pictures to commemorate his first trip to china. Interestingly, Brady was also the the Great Wall as their own garden, he and his son Jack together around a Beacon Tower playing ball. He is the eldest son of the Beacon Tower, let her pass through etc.look-mouth of Beacon Tower and Jack completed the perfect pass line; and then he stood on Beacon Tower, the distance to the football throw, after his son Jack running down the long distance of the successful completion of the ball, just like a star in the future look, it seems that usually Brady took Jack to the University of Michigan did little practice, now it is a very powerful.

After the joy of parent-child activities with Jack Brady, continue to travel to the Great Wall, it is interesting, in addition to playing football with Jack, Brady and amiable and easy of approach many ordinary people together pass each other but have fun and embarrassment, finally people play Huan off accidentally put the ball down to missing….

But on the way back, playing endless Brady found make you excited at the the Great Wall, limit those activities such as skiing or jungle jumping as he often in the offseason in love to play, this time he tried the slideway on the the Great Wall down the mountain, it seems quite cloth Reddy was able to feel the love the speed of the project. Sitting on the slipway, Brady like a child cried down a road hi speed, don’t want to stop, and in the side of the crowd of fans watching the way the Patriot Brady shouting “Go Tom” or “Go Pats” slogan. After enjoying the Mutianyu Great Wall the more interesting activities, this will enrich the Brady short trip to the Great Wall will temporarily come to the next paragraph.

Brady also specially in the personal social media Chinese drying out a lot of their own in China pictures, such as his self portrait, in a hotel Chinese staying in the Great Wall and throw the football on the photo, the most interesting is he with Chinese pinyin “I love Chinese” to express his feelings for Chinese in the photo with their big the son of Jack, the first station in Chinese seems Brady’s quite happy.

Maybe a lot of friends failed to encounter Brady, but it does not matter, today Brady also has many projects in Beijing, such as Shichahai, Xidan to play a sports shop for fans and so on, can not be like the four at 4 in the morning began squatting cloth Reddy fans had the opportunity to meet him, we wish you good luck!