Bears team and Seahawks general manager met to discuss the deal with quarterback Russell Wilson.

Andy Dalton signed a deal with Chicago Bears, and he is likely to be the first quarterback for the Bears team. But he is not the first choice for the Bears team.

Bearss had tried to trade with Seattle Seahawkss to get star quarterback Russell Wilson jerseys, but eventually they returned empty handed.

Ryan pace, the Bears team’s general manager, and John Schneider, general manager of Seahawks, met in Fargo, North Dakota, before they might have been together at the show day event of Trey lance, a quarterback at North Dakota State University, NFL TV reported Wednesday. The two discussed the transaction of Wilson when they met.

“The Bearss certainly made a big offer – multiple first round draft rights,” said lapott. “The Seahawks did not respond immediately. There was a discussion within their team. Yesterday, they made a decision, especially when 70 year old coach Pete Carroll didn’t want to rebuild the team. They decided not to trade Russell Wilson to Chicago Bears jerseys. ”

The Bears team decided to sign Dalton after the eagles made it clear they would not trade Wilson.

How the two teams will deal with their first quarterback position is also worth paying attention to.

Wilson is obviously reluctant to trade his Seattle Seahawks jerseys sales now after Wilson publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the team and wants to have more say in the team.

Despite signing Dalton, Bearss will obviously continue to look for the first quarterback, as evidenced by Dalton’s signing only one year contract. The fact that the hawk rejected the Bears offer could also suggest that the Bears team did not have enough capital to allow the Hawks to really consider sending Wilson out.

At least, we know now that the Bearss have worked hard to strengthen the first quarterback position.