Cardinals star guard Patrick Peterson will complete his current contract

Arizona Cardinals have recently signed big contracts for budda Baker and dearde Hopkins, respectively. Both will play for the team until 2024.

Meanwhile, Patrick Peterson jerseys has one year left on his contract and is paid just $12.5 million. After his contract expires, the situation may become interesting.

As the market for the corner guard goes up, people familiar with the matter said that Cardinals has not discussed the contract with Peterson recently, and has not made such an arrangement. When the new season begins, if the Arizona Cardinals jerseys do not change their plans, then Peterson will become a free agent at the end of the season.

Peterson, who signed a five-year $70.05 million contract, recently told reporters he was “satisfied” with the current contract. “I can’t do anything about it,” Peterson said. “My contract lasts until the end of the season. All I can do now is play.