Arizona Cardinals number one running guard will be out for a while and Cardinals Drake will be out for weeks with an ankle injury

Kenyan Drake is expected to be absent for several weeks due to a slight ligament tear in his ankle, ESPN reported on Monday. At present, cardinals are treated with high ankle sprain.

After Drake’s absence, the Cardinals’ center of gravity will shift to chase Edmonds. Edmonds pushed 58 yards five times in Sunday night’s game, and made seven catches, pushing 87 yards.

Besides Edmonds, the Arizona Cardinals jerseys news running guard lineup includes eno Benjamin, D.J. foster and Johnathan ward.

Cardinals safety guard Beck news: being caught by Metcalf is the first time in his career to be caught up with

DK Metcalf is an amazing player. Metcalfe surprised the world with a snatch.

During the second quarter, when Seattle Seahawks jerseys sales advanced to the Arizona Cardinals 3-yard line, Cardinals safety guard Buda Baker completed the interception.

“I was running and what happened was that I saw the big 14 chasing me,” Baker said after the game. “He came after me. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve been chased. ”

Metcalfe had been criticized for slouching to the end of the Dallas Cowboys game jerseys and thus ruining the upcoming touchdown. And his performance in this Sunday night proved his devotion to the game.