NFL trembles! Antonio Brown joins Patriots and will be connected to Brady in the future

What all NFL fans fear most happened: Antonio Brown will be connected to Tom Brady in the 2019 season! On September 7, local time, Brown went to New England Patriots jerseys after being laid off by the Oakland raiders. According to ESPN, Brown will sign a short one-year contract with Patriots worth $15 million, including a $9 million contract bonus.

Earlier on the 7th, Brown said in Instagram that he hoped the Raiders would lay off themselves. According to sources, the Raiders had already fined him $210,000 because some of Brown’s off-court actions had a very negative impact on the team. Excitedly, Brown released another video on his social networking platform: running around the yard happily like a child, shouting “I’m free!”

Brown was free to sign with the rest of the League at 4 p.m. on the 7th, and he soon reached an agreement with the defending champions, while the Patriots happened to play against Brown’s former owner, Pittsburgh Steelers, in the first week of the regular season. Unfortunately, because the signing time was 4:01 p.m., Antonio Brown’s name jersey did not appear on the Patriot’s roster before 4:00 p.m. that day, so he will not be able to play against the Steelers in the opening game, and will not be available until the second week at the earliest. It should also be noted that Patriots have no Raiders in their opponents this season.

Brown’s membership is just like a tiger to patriots, who already have a super luxurious team to take over. These include Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon, one of the league’s strongest externalities, and Josh McDaniels and Brady are afraid to wake up laughing in their dreams. In addition to the offensive troika, (Demaryius Thomas), (Phillip Dorsett) and (Jakobi Meyers) can not be underestimated.

Don’t forget the patriot’s pick-up in the first round of this year’s draft, N’Keal Harry, who is still recovering and is expected to join the team in the second half of the season.

In the current situation, there are two major obstacles to the success of Brown’s “marriage” with his patriots. First, Brown can learn and master the patriot’s offensive tactics with multi-block speed. The patriot’s offensive tactics are the most stringent and complex in the league. If he can react with Brady quickly, they can absolutely create the data against the sky.

On the other hand, coach Bill Bilicheck is well known for his strict military management. Every player who jumps a word in an interview has to be criticized. What’s more, Brown’s big mouth without a fence? If Brown could shut up like Randy Moss, it would be reminiscent of Patriot’s peak season of 2007, which was 16-0 in the regular season.

Brown’s patriotic alliance has changed the situation of the whole alliance. According to the patriot’s chances of winning the championship given by Las Vegas, the latter’s chances of winning the Super Bowl are directly from 1:6 to 1:4. Data from data websites show that the chances of patriots becoming champions of the League of America increased from 31.1% to 35%, and the chances of winning the Super Bowl increased from 17.7% to 20.9%.

It is believed that after eating the melon this summer, the fans have already known what kind of player Antonio Brown jersey is. It’s a double-edged sword. Patriots can dance well and point to the seventh Lombardi Cup. If they can’t dance well, it may be the beginning of the next melon-eating drama.