The first World Games held on American soil since 1981 will add a familiar event. The 2022 Birmingham World Games announced that waist flag Rugby will be added in cooperation with IWGA, NFL and ifaf.

Eight men’s and eight women’s teams will participate in the waist flag Rugby program, which is assisted by the NFL cheap jerseys. As the current world champions, the U.S. men’s and women’s teams have been shortlisted for the 2022 World Games. The rest of the teams will be decided by the ifaf qualifying competition.

As the main partner of the world games, NFL will sponsor the waist flag Rugby program and will promote the event on its international platform in the next two years.

“As part of the 2022 World Games, making waist flag Rugby an international sport promotes the value and benefits of this sport to fans around the world,” said Troy Vincent, NFL’s executive vice president for game operations. “Waist flag football jerseys china gives men, women, boys and girls of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities the opportunity to enjoy the value, fun and competitive environment that only Rugby can provide.”

In addition to IWGA’s official events, Birmingham, as the host city, has the opportunity to select up to five sports to compete in the world games. In the 2022 World Games, in addition to waist flag rugby, wheelchair rugby, bag hockey and iron man will also be added.

The 2022 Birmingham World Games will be held from July 7 to July 17, 2022.