Trevor Lawrence becomes the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft jerseys.

On Thursday night us time, the expected number one signing came true: the Jaguars election entrusted him with the task of reviving the team.

Since the 16th week of last season, the number one signing of Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys online, Lawrence’s fate has been doomed. In fact, Lawrence is also the reason why urban Meyer chose to coach Jaguars. “If you don’t think it’s going to be a time for me to enjoy with all the fans, you need to wake up,” Jaguars owner shad Khan said a week before the draft. It’s the kind of time when people think it’s good to be alive. ”

Lawrence started at Clemson University for three years. He made 90 passes in his career and led the team 34-2. Since the 2018 season, Lawrence has ranked the first in the number of reaching the array, with the number of advancing yards (10098 yards), the total number of advancing yards (11041 yards) and the total number of reaching the array (108 yards) being the second in the same period.

As the best quarterback this year, Lawrence not only has excellent athletic ability, but also has enough fast shot speed and smooth passing action. There’s no doubt about his strength and accuracy to get the ball where it should be. With his excellent footwork and mobility, Trevor Lawrence Jersey is perfect for a Jaguars.