Veteran running guard C.J. Anderson announces retirement

Veteran running guard C.J. Anderson jerseys officially retired on Friday, us time.

Anderson has been in the League for nine years, initially signing for Mustang as a drop off draft. In 2014, Anderson made 179 runs, pushed 849 yards and was selected for the professional bowl. Mustang had a 12-4 record that year and was eventually defeated by pony in the Division round.

Anderson’s performance in 2015 season was also excellent, pushing the ball 720 yards and contributing five touchdowns. In the 50th super bowl, he contributed to the Bronco offensive team’s only time to reach the formation.

The 2017 season is Anderson’s best in personal data. He pushes the ball more than 1000 yards and reaches three times. Anderson made a total of 3497 yards in his career, reaching 22 times. He hopes to be a rugby coach when he retires.

“I was helping some high school students, and then someone called me and gave me a teaching opportunity,” Anderson said. I hope we can officially announce the decision in a few weeks Help these high school students, teach them the basics, teach the technology I’m happy every day and it makes this decision relatively easy. ”

NFL Hall of fame security guard Larry Wilson died at the age of 82

Arizona cardinals jerseys nfl announced on Friday that hall of Fame member Larry Wilson has died at the age of 82.

Since joining the cardinals in 1960, Wilson has played for the team as a player, coach and executive. He retired after the 2002 season. cardinals boss Michael Bidwell calls Wilson “the most influential man in his life, after his father.”.

Wilson, who was still in St. Louis in the seventh round of the 1960 draft, played for the Cardinals until 1972. He made 52 steals in his career, ranking 26th in NFL history. He’s been in the best team six times for a while and eight times in the Pro Bowl. He was named defensive player of the year in 1966, was selected for the 75th and 100th anniversary of the league, and was elected to the professional rugby Hall of fame in 1978. His No. 8 shirt was retired.

After retirement, Larry Wilson jersey continued to work in cardinals, successively as director of scout, director of player personnel and general manager. He also served as interim manager of the team in 1979.