NFL ranking of fans

The basic ranking of NFL fans is coming out: “Team of America” pushes Patriots to the top

First of all, congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys fans. You have not humiliated the prestige of Team America. Recently, Emory University’s Goizuta Business School released the latest report on the number of NFL fans and ranked 32 NFL teams in terms of their overall strength. The Cowboys took the lead again, followed by the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Hawks, and some surprises were that the Los Angeles Rams were at the bottom.

This ranking uses statistical analysis to determine the “best” fan base of NFL from fan base to comprehensive evaluation. In other words: every team has its own loyalty – the devout ride-or-die fans, the more loyal fans the team ranks at the top.

Dr. Lewis judges it by three criteria: fan balance, social balance and following balance. The balance of fans is the most nike jerseys online important criterion, which refers to how much money fans spend on their home team, from season tickets to jerseys to other surrounding teams. If a team has a lot of fans, but its consumption is very low, the “fan balance” score will be very low. Social balance, as its name implies, is how many fans the team has on various social platforms and how active the team is on topics related to social platforms. Following balance refers to the attendance rate on the court and the ratings of TV and Internet.

Okay, let’s take a look at the ranking below.

The final result shows that the top team in the scoreboard is still the old-fashioned team, which is basically consistent with last season’s ranking. Teams like the New York Giants, the Denver Mustangs and the San Francisco 49 have not had a good record in the past two years, but the fans’loyalty is very high.

The most controversial and notable team in this ranking is the Kansas City Chiefs jersey. They have MVP Patrick Maholms in the regular season. They had the chance to win the Super Bowl last year. How could they possibly rank the bottom two? There are two reasons: first, the impact of the successful season of 2018 is not fully reflected; second, the Sheikh has many followers, but absolute loyalty is not much. We anticipate some changes. If Maholmes can continue to break the NFL balance and become a revolutionary player like Stephen Cooley of the NFL jerseys china, and their boss is as aggressive as the NBA warriors, then maybe the chief will become a new trend in the NFL in a few years.

Cleveland Brown is not what it used to be, with a star-studded and talented lineup, and you can expect them to explode in the next few years; while the Rams are strong, they have no choice but to move to Los Angeles a few years ago, and they need to take root in the city again, not to mention the equally strong rival, Los Angeles Lightning, which has not yet belonged to them. Court. By the time Rams’new stadium is completed, it may be that the bottom-up situation will improve.

Finally, this is only a comprehensive study on the basis of fans, not individual fans. If you have a team you like, please continue to enjoy what they bring you. Regardless of the team you support, whether the fans can fill the stadium or half of the bar, as long as they have hills in their chest, they can make a difference. If you love it, please give the team the most firm support and wait for them to set sail.

NFL with NCAA is committed to improving players’safety

NFL, together with NCAA, is committed to improving player safety, sharing resources and promoting player protection

In the promotion of American football, safety has always been a problem that can not be ignored. Even in the NFL professional arena, the league has been doing a lot of work to improve the safety factor of players. Recently, top medical experts at the NFL have asked university football doctors and coaches to help players improve their safety during matches, and they even want to extend the campaign to NCAA as a whole.

Allen Hills, chief medical officer of the NFL Alliance jersey, and Jeff Miller, executive vice president of the Alliance’s Health and Safety Initiative, shared this view at a medical conference in Indianapolis on Tuesday. The conference included the health and safety team of the NFL, the staff of the NCAA Institute of Sports Science and the medical staff from the school. Hills and Miller hope that the conference will spark wider discussions, including the cooperation between NFL and NCAA, and the discussion of players’lower body injuries.

“We can show them what we are doing, what we have found, and how we apply this knowledge to the daily care of professional athletes.” “We hope this is the beginning of a more frequent interaction between NFL and NCAA, because we have exactly the same goal: to improve the health and safety of players,” Hills said in an interview.

Indeed, if NFL medical concepts and methods can be widely applied to NCAA competitions, some athletes can avoid the risk of huge injuries in college. Miller estimates that over the past 10 years, NFL has revised 50 to 60 rules to enhance players’safety, and that league competition committee members now regularly contact medical teams before changing the rules. And NFL coaches and players are more receptive to the medical team’s advice than ever, because they also want to use more effective ways to reduce team injuries.

However, to what extent will these improvements in NFL affect the medical care of universities, high schools and even smaller football leagues? We don’t know, but at least the NFL wants to do more to convey this message. At present, the NFL has been significantly improved on the issue of concussion, the number of players jerseys online suffering from concussion has dropped from 281 cases in 2017 to 214 cases. Hills and Miller believe that on the basis of continuing to reduce the number of concussion patients, we should pay more attention to another key injury problem – lower body injury!

Ankle sprains, ligament strains, knee injuries and many lower body injuries ultimately consume more time on the field than concussions. “We will focus on the structure of some sneakers, the protection of their feet and the degree of rubbing-in between them and different turfs. We will continue to focus on the training methods of the team and the load on the players’training, whether these are related to the injuries in the lower half of the body,” Miller said.

Now, the NFL wants to share all the medical information it has studied or is studying with the NCAA jerseys sales University Alliance. “We can learn a lot from each other,” Hills said. “If we expand our experience with more than 1800 players in the NFL to the entire NCAA league, it will greatly increase the safety factor of these players in college, and at the same time, it will also enable us to get more, faster and stronger players.”

Chicago Bear Memorial Jersey

Chicago Xiong Qing’s Centennial History

As we get closer to the 100th NFL season, the Chicago Bears celebrate their 100th anniversary. They began a three-day celebration on Friday.

At the end of Friday’s event, the Bears unveiled their new commemorative jersey. They will wear the Jersey in their home game against the Minnesota Vikings on September 29 and the Dallas Cowboys on December 5.

Inspired by the 1936 commemorative version of the Bears’jersey, there will be a new commemorative logo on the helmet, as well as a 100-year pattern on the pants and socks.

At Friday’s celebration, six Hall of Fame members and 230 past and present Bear players jerseys were present.

NFL National jerseys College Entrance Examination

How many questions can you answer correctly in the National NFL College Entrance Examination in 2019?

Time flies, and the annual college entrance examination season is coming again. Whether you like NFL as an English teenager, a career rookie, or a middle-aged uncle, of course, it may be the goddess of sports. Does the youth wave at the beginning of June remind you of your younger self? Hope that the following will let you dream back to that endless pain but full of passion in June, hand-held NFL version of the college entrance examination, friends, it is time to show the real technology!


1. Among the idioms underlined below, the appropriate one to use is ():

A. Although it does not rule out the reasons why the Cardinals’offensive front is not well protected, the poor performance of quarterback Josh Rosen is unsatisfactory.

B. Packer Team Coach Mike McCarthy lost sight of the whole team in the world-famous “Double 12” match, so that Rogers’performance was greatly discounted.

C. The sixth Super Bowl Championship won by the Patriots was not too surprising, but the championship parade left Boston empty.

D. Chieftain quarterback Patrick Maholmes’explosive season performance has been highly praised,nfl jerseys wholesale and as the initiator coach, Kingsbury has also been favored by the Cardinals as the new manager.

2. Read the following poem and answer questions.

Giving Brown: Zhu Zhu-Smith Schuster

Last year we fought side by side, but today we can’t add bad words jersey jerseyok.

I Benzul, like a close friend, left this sad heart alone.

There is a word pun in this poem. Which word ()?

A. Battle B. Ben C. Er D. Stay


3. After the Cowboys trade to Amari Cooper, they need to design a five-takeover formation. If they regard the five takeovers as a row, Amari Cooper must be at both ends of the formation. Cole Bisley can not be at both ends. There are two kinds of arrangement methods:

A. 36 B. 32 C. 24 D. 12

4. In the first attack, Falcons’outside receiver Julio Jones ran an arc from 20 yards to 4 yards cheap china jerseys on the left side of the court, and finally ran out of the right side of the court at 34 yards. The width of the court is known to be 53 yards. Assuming that his running path is a parabola, the equation of the parabola is ().

A. y2 = x B. y2 = 2x C. y2 = 4x D. y2 = 8x

Do you think this form is so familiar? You guys can try to find the feeling of that year, but how can a college entrance examination be short of Chinese writing? Don’t worry, the title of the composition is coming!

“Rams defensive interceptor Aron Donald slashed 20.5 times last season and was the hottest defensive general in the league; some people say Donald’s talent is extraordinary, others say Donald’s acquired efforts made him what he is today. Please write a passage of more than 800 words on the topic of “talent and effort”. Choose a good angle, determine the intention, clarify the style, and write a passage of more than 800 words.