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Seattle Seahawks and left front Donne Brown renew the contract for 3 years

In July 29th, when Seattle Seahawks jerseys traded from Houston Dezhou to Duane Brown last year, the team general manager (John Schneider) said he wanted the left forward to finish his career at the Sea Hawk.

On Saturday, the two sides took a step towards this goal.

The hawk announced that they had renewed their contract with Brown. The contract is 3 years, worth $36 million 500 thousand.

Brown was about to enter the contract year with a salary of $9 million 750 thousand. Now he will serve the hawk to the 2021 season.

At the end of October, the hawk got Brown and a fifth round of draft from the Dezhou people with a 2018 third round show and a second round show in 2019.

Brown joined the Sea Hawk and quickly upgraded the offensive frontline that ranks the worst in the league. According to the professional rugby focus network data, Brown’s passing level is ranked seventh in the league.

Brown, who will turn 33 next month, is still one of the best left wing of the league. The hawk expects him to continue to play at a high level. Russell Wilson can expect him to stay healthy for a long time.

Jet Coach: absence training camp is the loss of Mr.

In order to get a more desirable contract, Sam Darnold, a jet runner jerseys nfl, has put pressure on the team through training. Todd Bowles is not satisfied with this.

Bowers said, “every second of his absence is his loss. Of course, once he comes here, we will try to catch up with him, but I have 79 players jersey to care about. ”

But Bowers understood that he had not yet signed a contract. He said the contract dispute was normal.

Minnesota Viking coach jerseys

The Vikings attacked the frontline coach and died in NFL.

Toni, the Minnesota Viking forward coach and former Miami dolphin coach, died on Sunday at the age of 56. J Panaro reportedly complained about chest pain for some time ago. He went to the hospital for a thorough examination last Thursday and left hospital on Friday. At about 8 a. m. on Sunday morning, when J Panaro’s wife Janet was leaving home to go to church with him, he found the unconscious J Panaro collapsed in the kitchen and lost consciousness. Subsequently, the medical staff received CPR for him, but it was useless.

The Vikings all expressed their mourning for J Panaro.

“Our hearts are together with Janet and the entire J Panaro family to mourn the departure of Toni.” Viking owners Mark Wilf and Qi Ji Wilf said in a statement. “Toni is a passionate and dynamic person who deeply loves his family, especially enjoying his time with his grandchildren. Toni’s days in the Vikings will be remembered. In this extremely difficult time, Toni’s family is our only concern. We urge the entire alliance and Viking families to give J Panaro enough space. ”

He was originally expected to enter the third season as a Viking offensive coach. This is the last stop since he opened his NFL career in 1999. In 1999, he was hired by the Cleveland Brown team as the offensive quality management coach of the team.


After being one of the assistant coaches of several NFL teams, the Miami dolphins threw olive branches to J Panaro in 2008, and appointed him as coach of the team. In the first season of J Panaro’s arrival, the dolphins ended with a humiliating 1 – 15 win, and in the 2008 season, J Panaro reversed the situation. He led the team to 11 – 5 and won the title in the east side of the United States. He also became the first coach in the history of NFL to win a 1 win team last season. In nearly 4 years of teaching dolphins, J Panaro’s total record was 29 wins and 32 defeats.

In 2014, after the Oakland Raiders fired Allen coach Denis, J Panaro served as the temporary coach of the team, with a record of 3 wins and 9 defeats.

“It’s hard for me to describe myself in a blank way about Toni’s sudden departure,” Minnesota Viking jerseys general manager Rick Spielman said in a statement. “Toni loves rugby and his players. More importantly, he is strong, full of faith and cherishes his family. My heart is with the family of the spark. The team will do everything they can to help them. ”

The Viking coach Mike – hammer also expressed his condolences.

“I love Tony spark. He is an excellent mentor and a hard worker. His strong and fighting spirit is reflected in our attacking frontline players. He is a great husband, father and grandfather, and also a good friend of mine. This is a heavy moment for us, and everyone will miss Toni very much. ”

Toni – October 7, 1961 was born in West Haven, Connecticut. He was the first centre of the West Haven university rugby team. He spent 1978-1981 seasons there, and helped the two league team win the first unbeaten season in school history in 1979. He is also a member of the rugby Hall of fame at the University of West Haven.

From 1984 to 1987, he was the frontline coach of his alma mater. Later, he joined the Boston University rugby team jerseys, and in the next 6 years, he gradually promoted from offensive frontline coach to offensive coordinator. In 1994, he returned to West Haven as head coach and scored 41 – 14 in five seasons.

Apart from Brown, dolphins, Raiders and Vikings, Sparano, who has travelled all over the league, has also served on red skins, jaguars, cowboys, jets and the 49-man team.

The value of Dallas cowboy jerseys

Cowboy for three consecutive years to reach Forbes’s most valuable team

In 1984, the current president of the United States had a chance to buy a Dallas cowboy jerseys at $50 million, but he gave the chance and told New York Times that he thought the team was “hard to lose” and “really hurt to buy it.”

34 years later, the cowboy team’s jerseys price is completely different.

Cowboys won the championship in three consecutive years in Forbes’s list of the most valuable sports teams in the world. This year the team is valued at about $4 billion 800 million, and after deducting interest, taxes, etc., their financial revenue ($840 million) is unmatched.

The cowboy is also the only NFL team in the top 5, and the other four include Yankees and three football teams in New York. Out of the tigers ($1 billion 800 million), lions ($1 billion 700 million) and Bill ($1 billion 600 million), the other NFL teams were among the top fifty. The top ten teams in the NFL team are: cowboy, Patriot (3 billion 700 million), giant (3 billion 300 million), red skin (3 billion 100 million), 49 (3 billion 50 million), RAM (3 billion), bear team (2 billion 850 million), Dezhou (2 billion 800 million), jet (2 billion 750 million) and Eagle (2 billion 650 million).

NFL jerseys new open ball rules changes

The original NFL referee said the new kick-off rules were changed greatly

This weekend, NFL officials jerseys will hold a meeting in Dallas to discuss the new rules of the alliance. The problem of helmet use will be the main content.

Apart from the helmet use, the rules related to the opening of the ball have also changed greatly. NFL changed the position of the front row of the player to open the ball, reduced the content of the edge interception, and stipulated the time point for the back attack to begin to intercept.

The former NFL Terry McAulay (Terry McAulay), who has retired from the season to retire this year, will also be involved in the meeting, saying that the potential impact of the change in the rules of the kick-off should not be ignored.

“Although the media didn’t pay much attention, the change of the kick-off rules did exist. I have never seen such a big change.” Mike said, “people know little about this. Both sides of the attack and defense have become more limited. I also talked with a coordinator of a special service team. He is looking forward to the implementation of the new rules. We all think this is good for the development of the competition. But in terms of what can be done and what can not be done, the rules are still very complicated. We need to calm down.

The NFL pre season will begin in August 2nd, when the bears and ravens will compete in the hall of fame competition.

Earlier this week, it was reported that FOX sports jerseys wanted to attract former Titan and Jeff Fisher to join the commentary team. At present, it seems that the two sides have reached agreement.

According to Markand’s message, Fisher has not yet explained the reservation of other matches. If he performs well, the opportunity for commentary should be endless.

When does NFL start the new season?

When does the new season start?

The first regular season of the new season will be held in Beijing on September 7, 2018, and the Philadelphia hawk jerseys will play Atlanta falcons by the New Super Bowl champion jerseys.

Jay – Cutler is not a hundred percent determined to retire

At this time last year, (Jay Cutler) announced its retirement and accepted the work of FOX TV commentator. But soon he signed a one-year contract with dolphins to help the team out of the Ryan Tannehill’s unexpected reimbursement.

At this time of the year, everyone believed that Cutler must have left the stadium completely, but he himself was not so sure.

In the reality show segment of Cutler’s wife’s participation, two people discussed the future scenes being broadcast. Cutler said he was “unable to 100 percent” leave the rugby stadium and had to wait until September to decide whether to retire.

Cutler’s wife (Kristin Cavallari) did not hide the hope that her husband would rush back. She said, “you have to understand how much I have sacrificed for you in the past eight seasons.