NFL pink flying jerseys

Young dragons help the fight against breast cancer

In the autumn of October, the NFL stadium was surrounded by pink ocean. Whether it’s the layout of the court or the players’ big and small equipment, it’s full of pink. The old fans are already familiar with it, but the new fans may be wondering what is going on?

In fact, as long as you carefully observe, it is not difficult to find the “Pink Ribbon” logo, and October is the “Pink Ribbon” breast cancer prevention and control month. The original since the beginning of 2009, and NFL American Cancer Society jointly launched a name A Crucial Catch charitable activities, promote the majority of women regularly screened for breast cancer, because early detection and early treatment can significantly improve the clinical cure rate of breast cancer. In the October match, players, coaches and referees will wear pink with elements of the equipment, remind people to pay attention to breast cancer screening effect on the expression of breast cancer patients and their family care and support. These had been used in the game of pink equipment and ball games in the League official auction auction site, customized goods for sale in the pink retail stores and shop, the proceeds donated to the American Cancer society. Today, “critical intercept” has raised more than 18 million dollars for the American Cancer society. Which in 2012 launched the “change” project is an important direction of these funds, the project aims to provide cancer knowledge education, cancer screening and early diagnosis in medical service level of community women, has provided nearly 150 thousand screening and 450 thousand education, made outstanding contributions to the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Various colors represent different cancer types, from top to bottom are as follows:

Navy: colon cancer

Pink: breast cancer

Lavender: all cancers

Cyan: cervical cancer

Blue: prostate cancer

Gold: childhood cancer

White: lung cancer

In the October season, teams and players are free to choose support for one or more cancer prevention programs, theme events, and equipment in different colors.

At the same time, NFL also with the American Cancer Association jointly launched a “Guardian” (The Defender) free online tools, analyze and evaluate data through questionnaire, according to body and life advice guide person, help you reduce the risk of cancer.

League star demo

Mike Prescott (Dak Prescott), “the United States team of the Dallas Cowboys new generation star quarterback last season, not only to help the team get the regular season National League first good results, he was also elected as the offensive rookie. In the fifth week of the season, the Cowboys compete with the Green Bay Packers nfl jerseys, Prescott pedal Adidas FREAK X KEVLAR DIPPED CLEATS debut, both sides are attached to the seven color ribbon pattern.

With two super bowl ring Ben Roethlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) is the American League powerhouse Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys star quarterback, against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the game he chose for his Nike Alpha Menace custom on behalf of breast cancer pink.

With the launch of the “key interception” campaign in the new week, more and more players will show their colors to support the cancer prevention and treatment. And we will bring you more cool and rich connotation of the theme of equipment, please look forward to.

Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson jersey

Russell Wilson jersey

If you are a Seattle Seahawks fan, you are so lucky, because you are the best time to catch up with the seahawks. The team started to rise from 2012, in the 13-14 season won the first championship in team history, but since the 14-15 season super bowl on the 1 yard line, although the Seahawks can stable the playoffs every year, but the record is not ideal. This does not, before the start of the season, in order to improve their business level, the Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson came to a mysterious martial art of central plains.

Central Plains martial arts is the world’s martial arts center, where there has been the leadership of the Wudang Wudang Shaolin, but also with the five sacred sword faction, Emei, Kongtong and other small door faction. As a representative of the Western martial martial Seattle Seahawks jersey, in recent years, relying on a strong defense based on the alliance, but they are attacking people suffering from criticism, keep attacking if is not wrong, but in view of the positive is a week. With the rise of the Patriots, packers and other falcons offensive team, which also makes the martial arts center gradually eastward, the Seahawks lost in the invincible scenery.

The new Seahawks season two wins a negative start, the first two games in the face of the packers and the 49 person is not very strong second tier defense, Seahawks offensive add up to a total of 300 yards out, only completed a touchdown, so inefficient to allow the media to attack Russell Wilson jersey onto the face in the teeth of the storm, though the air leakage around the line he is incapable of action, after all Werwilson is on the field commander, can only silently bear losing responsibility, wiped away tears, continue to believe himself before the offensive attack.

Is the West Coast army really has been reduced after people ravaged point, Werwilson offseason remembered the offseason this trip to central tour, the critical moment critical Savior, the first to come forward and make the West Coast army against catastrophe. The former Seahawks is who dare not underestimate the iron lion, even if you are as strong as the patriots are here to lower the proud head, although they did not attack those who shock the world of heroes, but the dreaded “Wuthering Legion” and those of the city well and emerge in an endless stream, but often make opponents feel embarrassed. Although the third games with the best Tennessee Titans battle ultimately defeated, but Wilson played a career best 373 yards and 4 touchdowns and 0 steals, hit the bottom of my heart is not convinced, 1 wins and 2 losses this is the most difficult time, the west coast of the door has come to the moment of vital importance to even if such, the Indianapolis Colts small partieses can win, then 1-3 start, all media eyes will focus on the “Seahawks head decline”, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

In the face of round just to get the first win of the pony, the Seahawks team in the first half and did not get much cheaper. Colts quarterback Kobe Jia Bulisaite had been martial arts master Biliqieke pass, at the foot of its mobile ability than Werwilson ifheavier, if not the group steals defensive touchdown return, the Seahawks team will be in the first half of two digit backward difference. But at this time, the Central Plains returning apprenticeship return Russell – Werwilson to contrast, Rodgers and Bracey Brady and his master was extremely, perhaps Wilson attack group is a medium philistine. Although two consecutive years into the super bowl, but this is also a good thing a few years ago, in the arena of snobbery ability to represent everything, the recent weakness in the team let the Seahawks disputed, the name is Werwilson and less prominent, prestige is not so high. But after all he learned various Central Plains martial arts martial arts, martial arts and has always been the contention of a hundred schools of thought must master, who said the hands of Darksteel Epee, stunt? There are also such as Wilson unarmed, killing invisible invisible master.

At the beginning of the second half Werwilson will reveal their own secrets, after reading the defense out of pocket running a 30 yard touchdown, staged a drama of the thousands of miles the score will be reversed, the presence of Bulisaite at Werwilson station one by one, and is incapable of action, Werwilson played a pony be taken by surprise. The ball also let the Seahawks counterattack horn sounded, eventually became the turning point of the game, and then Werwilson reported two touchdowns, the second half mad 36 points and the Colts score is 3 points, scoring 33 points to become the Seahawks largest in the history of the second half of the difference.

After Wilson face the media praise his offensive attack and talked about the second half of the performance of the array is “thanks for their help, we are a team, my line is nice, I can go out through the screen, and then running all the way, when I saw a touchdown when I know I want to do way to go, and my teammates help me to clear obstacles. I know the second half can be reversed and we can do it, though it’s difficult. We did very well in the second half, especially the three turn, and then we succeeded step by step.” The pony beat Houhai hawks record of 2-2, the key is to attack the group let people see signs of recovery, the team enjoyable, back on track.

Wilson kill pony accumulate steadily stunning, also shows a good martial arts or perhaps Werwilson All flowers bloom jerseys online together., Brady, Rodgers can never become this full martial arts master, but the Werwilson barehanded also tells the world that the murder may not have to use the sword.