Washington redskins 27-10 victory Oakland raiders

Cousins played brilliantly

Third weeks of the NFL regular season, the Washington Red Shirts play against the Oakland raiders. The Raiders have made their 2-0 start for the first time since 2002 and want to win three straight victories. The red team was 1 – 1, but they gave the Raiders their first – season defeat at home, and finally defeated the Raiders with 27:10. Redskins quarterback Kirk cousins 30 to 25, with 365 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Raiders quarterback Derek Carle 31 to 19, scoring just 118 yards and 1 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, final away game against the Washington redskins.

At the beginning of the first attack, the Raiders took the lead in the attack. Quarterback Derek – Carle gave Cooper the ball to in the first attack and was taken away by the red guards guard – Tower – Nicholson. In the first 22 yards of the raid, Kirk, the red shirt quarterback, passed to Thompson, Chris, who finished the first touchdown. The Red Detachment announced the game to the home team who had visited the entire United States within five minutes of the game, 7:0. Derek – Carle’s performance in the opening of this game is really bad, 4 minutes ago just sent a copy of him, in the next attack, and then a series of capture, and the ball back to the red skin team. The offensive team two teams in the first quarter of the rest of the game both misfiring, the Raiders even did not get a first attack.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the red team still failed to open fire, and Kirk – test was also killed by the attacker’s defensive ended – Mark. Although Sean – Lin Qi Ma then opened the “beast mode”, but quarterback Rick Carle is still in a state of sleepwalking, the ball directly to the Redskins cornerback Fuller Kendall’s arms, sent out second steals. Kirk – take the lead back to the state of the test, the whole team is also a multi-point flowering, and even running band pass, and ultimately by the near end Vernon – Davies completed the touchdown, 14:0. Half the Redskins scored 223 yards and 11 first downs, the Raiders won just 47 yards 2 times longer than the first attack, the ball is accounted for a staggering 2:1, it doesn’t look like the first two scored a total of 71 points of the raiders.

Back in the second half, the red team run guard Chris – Thompson seems to be no one can fight, a file of 20 yards of conversion, for him, it is nothing more than two times the ball only. Derek – Carle is getting better and better, have not been given half a 52 yard long pass found wide receiver Josh do Knutson, completed a touchdown 21:0. Compared to find out the status of the Redskins quarterback, the Raiders quarterback Derek Carle in the next attack, a first attack has not got, and was sacked two times. The offensive and defensive sides failed to play, and even the secret service team was out of play, allowing the red shirts to begin the offensive at yards 40 yards from the attacker. But then people do not expect that the red team back to attack Jamieson – Claude actually sent gifts, did not catch the ball. The Raiders started the attack from the first 18 yards of the red carpet area, and by the end of the attack, Cook, who was close to the front side, took the touchdown for the Raiders, ending the third quarter with 21:7.

Since the third half of the festival, Chris – Thompson is in a 3 file, 19 yards of large yards converted, ran out of the distance of 74 yards, directly to the Raiders red zone. Although the red team failed to reach the goal, Dustin – Hopki still hit his free kick, 24:7. May be careless, off the ball after the Redskins offense, the Raiders again Jianlou, attack from the Redskins before the 11 yard touchdown zone. However, the red guards did not let the Raiders reach again, and the Raiders only had to shoot, 24:10. The red team then continued to score with a free kick, 27:10, and eventually managed to keep the score at the end of the game, winning two straight victories. I hope this game can let the Raiders to reflect, adjust good state, because the next week against the Denver Broncos will be a tough battle.

The new England patriots are full of vigor

The easy career masterpiece

In the wake of Foxborough opener lose the first battle, the new England patriots today in New Orleans finally win back the feeling. And all of this comes from the team headed quarterback Tom Brady’s recovery.

After the opening match, Brady said the attitude of the team and the competition need to be promoted to a higher level of media. With the power savings for a whole week, Brady in the Mercedes – Benz Superdome stadium led the team to a 36:20 victory at home court the New Orleans saints, and again in their own occupation career left an excellent representative.

After the game, Brady finally breathed a sigh of relief, he admitted to the media: “the start of the season that we lost the last ten days of the preparation period is a year long. ”

Brady’s behaviour at the start of the fourth game of the game reflected his pitch leadership. At that time, the Patriots led by a big margin of 33:13. Brady paced back and forth on the sidelines, talking with each player of the team emotionally. He very clearly reminded his teammates don’t let opener paratelum nightmare again. In that game, the Patriots section fourth is the chief team won 21 points, while they lost.

Small lows rebound instantly

The Patriots finally finished off in the match. However, the game is even more worth mentioning, their dazzling first game.

After Brady asked the team will enhance the competitiveness to a new height, he in the game for the first day will lead the team finished 3 touchdowns. It was also the first time that Brady’s 18 year career had been so perfect. Stunning first day play also alleviated the impact of the defensive side of the nfl Patriots jerseys during the game on the results of the game.

The Patriots wide receiver Brandon Cousteau to Brady’s presentation today said: “Brady led the team not only in words, he also personally, with action to lead us. This is the biggest responsibility the team quarterback needs to do. Brady did this point! ”

Finally, Tom Brady of the game data frame for the 39 of 30 passes successfully, 447 yards, 3 touchdowns, and there was a steal. Brady also to occupation career 52 games scored at least 3 touchdowns and did not send the interception success, surpassing Payton Manning, a union in the data statistics on the first person.

According to the Elias sports data recording, Tom Brady has become the Warren moon, second to 40 years of age or older in a game in the pass at least 400 yards and 3 touchdowns making quarterback. In October 1997, Jose Mourinho created the record at the age of 40 and 11 months. Of course, as one of the worst defensive teams in the NFL League jerseys sale, this poor team of saints defence also gives Brady the advantage of making history.

The prospect of next week at the Gillette stadium by J.J.- w home court led Houston Dezhou team defense group, Brady will face a more difficult game. However, when a week accumulated emotion released out of the Brady and patriots finally lost the opener from the shadow, we can be sure that they have enough time and strength to deal with this challenge.

Green Packers industry vs Seattle Seahawks

Spear VS shield

The 2017 season of the NFL regular season kicked off on Friday, when the former United States west side champion, Kansas City chief, turned away the defending champion of new England patriots on the road, giving an exciting start to the new season’s NFL. On Monday, the rest of the team will start the debut, two National League giants giants, Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers, will launch a strong dialogue in early 11 4:25, here is looking forward to the game.

The fight between spear and shield

Packers superstar quarterback Aaron – Rodgers is the number one hot spot in regular season MVP before the season. After winning the man’s highest honour in the 2014 season, Rodgers spent an unstable 2015 season and had a bad start last season. But in the middle of the season he found the feeling, led the team to six straight final regular season, and eventually led the team scored a National League finals, from the super bowl is just a step away. With last season’s strong momentum, Rodgers hopes to bring the scoring team, which scored third league goals last season, to make a good start for the new season. Strong return receiver Jody Nielsen last season, the new aid proximal front matru Carlos Bennet to join, let the Green Bay’s passing attack looks more terrible than the past. The only possible to withstand the challenge at the ball, the team staffing is stepped in last season’s ty Montgomerie, plus three low round rookie. Nevertheless, the overall offensive level of the packers is still a sharp spear.

At the same time, the defense is the strongest shield haiying. After losing the League all the time for the last three years, the team lost third points in the League last season and has been seen as a step backwards. So last week, the team traded from New York jets to star defensive winger Sheldon – Richardson. Since he joined, the Seahawks expected defense group main force of 11 people, 8 people have been selected for occupation bowl. So terrorist personnel, only to achieve the seahawks. Green Bay is the offensive group led by Rodgers sharp, or Seahawks defensive group strong opponents like clouds more stable, we will wait and see.

Lei Xi to Rambo court

In addition to maintaining dominance in their respective strengths, the two teams have made certain improvements in their respective weaknesses. The Packers’ defensive team suffered from injuries last season and often needed Rodgers’s attacking team to play high. National League finals by Atlanta falcons team 44 points, make management aware of the defense reinforcement is urgent. So the offseason team in the free market to sign up to cornerback von Moorhouse and defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois, and this year’s first round pick to cornerback Kevin kim. Later with the other team lineup has reduced, the packers signed veteran guard Ahmad Odom outside Brooks, defensive striker Quinton – DELL and rookie guard Chris outside, I hope these new signings can bring new vitality to the defense group.

At the same time, rushed the ball and the line of the team also criticized the Seahawks made reinforcement. Although the star running back Sean ma – Lin Qi comeback, but due to the Seahawks salary cap had no choice but to send him to the Lin Qi hometown team Oakland raiders. Instead, the team chose to sign Eddie, who did not renew the contract with the packers – to supplement the running position. Rethy over the past two years, first by weight problems, then missed most of the season, for the Seahawks, must play well to save occupation career. And the first match is a return visit to the old club, and it will give ray more power. In addition to Lei Xi, the Seahawks also signed guard Luke Joe Kerr, elected to the center Ethan Boqiqi, hoping to strengthen the team’s performance has been poor line.

The brothers fight against each other

Another aspect of the game is that the Bennet brothers will play again as rivals. Bennet a year older Seahawks defensive end Michael announced last week that he Zaimei Mcgregor after a century of war in a few days ago, suffered by the police manhandled the shocking encounter. According to Bennet himself, he was once on the ground by the police and his gun pointed at his head. Finally, the police realized that he had caught the wrong man and let him go. It was the first time he had been on the court after he announced the event, and coincidentally, his brother was in the match.

Speaking before you can embrace with his elder brother, the packers tight end, the new aid Bennet matru tears: “I think this thing I feel have mixed feelings. At some point, a hug is the best way you can express your feelings. (Michael story), the final results did not too bad, after all, is what really happen, I may never see him. So, for me, I was so happy to see my brother.”

Injury problem

This season is the first game of the season, so the teams are relatively healthy. This is the only Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark because of the wrist injury and can not participate in all training contents. The packers, star right tackle Blaine Braga has just recovered from an ankle injury, playing time may be limited.

Kansas City Chiefs: Looking at the crown

The United States and the West champion defending the crown

Into September, NFL regular season getting closer, our “32 days 32 teams” season forward program has come to an end. Today to continue the Midland West team’s introduction, this time the introduction of the Division of the defending champion – Kansas City Chiefs team.

Coach Andy Reed

Personnel changes: deals and drafts, coaches and management

The chiefs have not changed too much this season. Coach Andy Reed (Andy Reid) continue to serve as the head of the team, defensive coaching staff neat, the only major change is that the team last season by (Brad Childress) and (Matt Nagy) together as the attack group Coach of the duties, and this year Qi Erde Si was promoted to deputy head coach, attack team coach is Naji own. Taking into account the Reed himself is to guide the offensive origin, is the team’s first person in charge of the attack on the team’s tactical impact on the field can be said to be minimal.

Although the team in the last two years did not make a breakthrough in the playoffs, but the regular season record is very stable, so the free market is also mainly on the sidelines, mostly in the contract contract expired players, and signings To always is the main pick. This is the case this year, the team did not with the main defensive cut the tower – wave contract, so from the Philadelphia Eagles signed Benny – Logan (Bennie Logan) replacement wave position. In addition to the team there is no significant introduction of free agents, on the contrary, is to leave the players to attract some attention. In addition to the wave did not like the outside world as expected to get the star players privilege label, the team also with the past few years the main runaway Jamal – Charles and the main players nfl jerseys china Jeremy – McLean has terminated. The team attack group was the original scorer, and now with Charles and McLean break up, can not help but question, the team’s offensive season will be what level.

Headed star

The defensive team of the chiefs team cheap jerseys, even in the midst of the defender and defender (Derrick Johnson) has been high, outside the defender (Tamba Hali) and (Justin Houston) suffered injuries, wave and leave the case, or With Eric Berry and Marcus Peters. Berry’s career is very valuable, into the league in 2010, in the 2013 season to play the top security performance, who knows in the 2014 season after a game, he felt chest pain, sent to the hospital was eventually diagnosed with Hodge Kim’s lymphoma (NBA fans are very familiar with, Minnesota Timberwolves have died the former head coach Philip – Sanders is the disease). After 7 months of treatment, Berry began to regain rugby in July 2015, eventually returned to the stadium in the 2015 season, and it did not take long to find his peak in the 2013 season, but also for two consecutive years selected season The best team a team, this year also signed with the chiefs of 6 years 78 million long.
Because there is a return to the existence of the great devil Hill, the chiefs in the back attack is considered to be the absolute sense of the team, last season kickback back to the number of yards for the league fourth, abandoned kicking back to the number of yards is the Union First, the league is the only three in the two back to attack have completed the touchdowns of the team. The new season will undoubtedly continue to play the role of Hill in this area, for the development of more targeted back attack strategy.

New season outlook

The chiefs of the offensive level than last season have more questions, and the strength of the defensive team should be increasing. So the development of the United Western Union is likely to follow the same season, the chiefs and Auckland Raiders two teams go hand in hand, and ultimately both into the playoffs.

Expected results: 10 wins and 6 losses, with small points advantage won the division title.