NFL 32 team strength ranking

With the preseason start, the new season, each team’s lineup has been basically stable, team members are basically saturated, unless there is another major transaction occurred. Today the old driver will sort out the new season ranked team, which team is overrated, which team is underestimated, you heart must have a steelyard, we go!

First place: new England Patriots

The new England patriots are the most powerful team on earth, and this title will remain with them until they are beaten in the playoffs. The 40 year old Tom Brady towards his sixth super bowl ring of Champions main framework retains very complete, and also introduced Stephen, Gilmore Cousteau brandin and Connie avery worked. Patriots as rivers and lakes, the first big sects, who dares to defy?

Second place: Atlanta Falcons nfl jerseys

Judging from the configuration of the attack team, the Atlanta falcons almost locked the league’s best offensive team title, their attack team configuration is too strong. The problem with the defensive team is that the players are too young, but the experience of a Super Bowl failure may help them grow fast. After the end of the season, you may be surprised to find that a staggering fifty-first super bowl is the original old drivers!

Third: the Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks in the offseason is very calm, but perhaps a bit too quiet, it may be bad news for the rest of the league. A healthy “explosive corps” is enough to destroy the opponent’s attack in any way. “He is stronger than he is, and the wind blows the hills.” he is horizontal, and the moon shines on the river.” Seahawks season will continue to solid defense in an invincible position!

Fourth: Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys cheap

Composed of Ben Wallace, leviant – Baer and Antonio – Brown trident attack, let the team for any alliance, by which they can occupy a space for one person every year in the playoffs, Nobel can be successfully renewed, so the league’s most expensive running back with the most expensive receivers will gather in the steelers. Competition, opponents listen to this price, defensive team momentum on the first cool three points, but also what to play?

Fifth: Green Bay Packers

So far, in the training camp, the biggest question mark is that the kicker Mason – Crosby is not stable, but remember that last season was his 50 consecutive free kick to help packers continue their lives. Start playing is so bad that the packers can turn the tide, the phrase “run the Ge table” to shame the Star Alliance, people can not help wondering, what is not the man to do?

Sixth place: Dallas Cowboys

Last season, a dark horse of the League of Nations has now become a stable force, but Elliot’s six ban has become the team’s X factor, his importance to the team is self-evident. This bridge is like heart giants as burger in Team America heart, if can cross over is a natural, if not cross over, as boundless as the sea and sky, please live happily.

Seventh: Oakland Raiders

Derek – Carle to the league’s first high salary contract renewal, so that the young man to his future without reservation to the team. The arrival of the beast Lynch gave the Raiders fans too much excitement and hope that there had been a time when Lin could not be seen. I have heard that red ball all season Lin Qi on a complete 4.7 yards? Rio yipaidatui: two battalion commander, you TN Italy gun, to pull Lao Tzu! .

Eighth: Sheikh Kansas

Arrakis Smith is still the strongest passing machine in the league, but it is said that the chief of staff is closely watching the team’s first round pick Patrick Ma Holmes, Smith pass last season ranked second in size (a reciprocal alliance Viking Bradford), if this season Ma Holmes played more, don’t worry they may want to change a life-style.

North American black athletes jerseys ranking

George Forman

Forman was also the name of the year of Ali, many times against ali. He had 76 wins and 5 losses in his career, 1973 of whom KO, Joe – Fraser, won the heavyweight champion gold belt.

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker is perhaps one of the best players in college football history, University of Walker during the period of average each season to punch the ball more than 1600+ codes, he led the University of Georgia won the national championship, the university three years all nominated Heisman and in 1982 won the award. But his NFL career has been less brilliant.

Griffith Joyner

Joyner is a woman sprint legend, the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games she won 3 gold medals, and 10.49 seconds to hit a world record in the 100 meters in 21 seconds 34 hit 200 meters world record, the two record until 30 years later was later broken.


Sprinter Carle Lewis is one of only four consecutive Olympic long jump champion players, not only that Lewis also won 2 gold medals and 100 meter Olympic gold 1 200 metre Olympic gold medal, and 2 4*100 meters relay Olympic gold medal.


Michael – Johnson is the best in the history of the 400 meter race, he repeatedly in the men’s 400 meter event ran 44 seconds mark, the 7 consecutive year in 400 meters to win the first.

Jim Brown

Jim – Brown is the hero of the whole city of Cleveland, in 1964 he led Brown won the NFL champion, career 9 selected All-Star bowl jerseys, 8 times selected the best first team. To commemorate Brown’s contribution, Cleveland also built a statue for it.

lebron james

James 7 consecutive finals, which won 3 NBA championship trophy 3 times, winning the finals MVP, personal occupation career 4 harvest MVP regular season, 11 All NBA first team, 13 time NBA all star, won 3 Olympic champion, Cleveland is also a hero.

Stephen curry

Stephen curry won two NBA Championships, also won two NBA MVP, 4 time all star, two time all NBA jerseys wholesale first team, he still hit 402 three pointers single season record NBA.

Jesse Joyner Cauchy

She is the seven Olympic all-around queen, has won three Olympic gold medals, not only in the all-around project invincible, he has won the gold medal in the female long jump project.

Jackson, Bo

Wave – Jackson is the first in the NFL and MLB are two major league All-Star titles, and entered the hall of fame players, talent is invincible, he began to take both NFL and MLB match from 1986 in 1990, 950 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns in the NFL all star, the same year in 0.272 the hit rate and 110 hits into the all star selection MLB.

Viking renewal career bowl corner guard

This man made David difficult


The Vikings in Minnesota continue to work hard to retain the best players they have developed.

The Vikings agreed to renew contracts with Xavier Rhodes for a period of 5 years, worth $70 million. The contract includes $41 million in guaranteed income, plus $12 million in signature bonuses.

Rhodes was selected in the first round of the 2013 draft, and he earned $8 million 26 thousand in the final year of the rookie contract.

The 27 year old Rhodes last season for the first time in occupation bowl, one of his brilliant performance is limited in four giant game against New York giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr jerseys.).

Rhodes has perfect physical ability and speed, this lets him in the Viking Bureau as the outer corner guard aggressive defense.

Last season, Rhodes made 5 steals ranked team first, which he achieved a career high data, steals most Vikings player and he is since 2003.

In a few days to complete the contract before the Rhodes, the Vikings and defensive ends (Everson Griffen jerseys sale) signed a contract price. Next, Barr (Anthony) may be the next player to renew the contract. Keeping good players ensures that Vikings can continue to perform well.