Brady Great Wall on the big show skills

Fans stayed up all night, waiting for Brady at 4 a.m., and Brady was airborne in the Great Wall

This is a worthy Chinese NFL fans to commemorate the day, arrived in Beijing today because the legendary NFL player Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback NFL China has been officially opened. It is reported that the Tom Brady and his eldest son Jack came to Chinese, while the first station is the the Great Wall trip today. Brady together with his son Chinese visited one of the most prestigious places of historic interest and scenic beauty. The first stop today in Chinese line also occurred in the Brady some interesting things!

Fans at 4 a.m. Dunshou Brady, until finally the autograph

It is reported that this time there are a lot of fans that Brady in time after Brady deployed to the only place Dundian, and pays off, so there are four loyal fans in the Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing at 4 a.m. on the squatting in their insurance, some give up, finally ushered in the dawn of hope. Brady in the morning at about 10 to the the Mutianyu Great Wall, the four happy fans finally have their idol, the four fans dressed in a Brady shirt fifty-first Super Bowl champion, and Brady in the four Jersey on one hand a time signature, the scene is exceedingly jealous, as one falls, another rises, to know that even Boston’s aborigines are difficult to meet this Brady and Brady’s autograph. The four fans in the Brady signed after another and Brady photo face, could not help but happy smile, and Brady wear very casual, wearing sunglasses and still.

The visit to the Great nfl Wall

After this episode with four fans, Brady began in the Great Wall’s activities. After he got off the bus, he took a cable car to visit the magnificent scenery of the Great Wall. Brady continued to visit the Great Wall, and the tour guide was quite careful, as Brady spoke of these Chinese traditions. Brady listened very carefully and took many pictures to commemorate his first trip to china. Interestingly, Brady was also the the Great Wall as their own garden, he and his son Jack together around a Beacon Tower playing ball. He is the eldest son of the Beacon Tower, let her pass through etc.look-mouth of Beacon Tower and Jack completed the perfect pass line; and then he stood on Beacon Tower, the distance to the football throw, after his son Jack running down the long distance of the successful completion of the ball, just like a star in the future look, it seems that usually Brady took Jack to the University of Michigan did little practice, now it is a very powerful.

After the joy of parent-child activities with Jack Brady, continue to travel to the Great Wall, it is interesting, in addition to playing football with Jack, Brady and amiable and easy of approach many ordinary people together pass each other but have fun and embarrassment, finally people play Huan off accidentally put the ball down to missing….

But on the way back, playing endless Brady found make you excited at the the Great Wall, limit those activities such as skiing or jungle jumping as he often in the offseason in love to play, this time he tried the slideway on the the Great Wall down the mountain, it seems quite cloth Reddy was able to feel the love the speed of the project. Sitting on the slipway, Brady like a child cried down a road hi speed, don’t want to stop, and in the side of the crowd of fans watching the way the Patriot Brady shouting “Go Tom” or “Go Pats” slogan. After enjoying the Mutianyu Great Wall the more interesting activities, this will enrich the Brady short trip to the Great Wall will temporarily come to the next paragraph.

Brady also specially in the personal social media Chinese drying out a lot of their own in China pictures, such as his self portrait, in a hotel Chinese staying in the Great Wall and throw the football on the photo, the most interesting is he with Chinese pinyin “I love Chinese” to express his feelings for Chinese in the photo with their big the son of Jack, the first station in Chinese seems Brady’s quite happy.

Maybe a lot of friends failed to encounter Brady, but it does not matter, today Brady also has many projects in Beijing, such as Shichahai, Xidan to play a sports shop for fans and so on, can not be like the four at 4 in the morning began squatting cloth Reddy fans had the opportunity to meet him, we wish you good luck!

NFL Kansas City Chiefs jersey

Others show muscular is a stream chief big show of Cheerleading

This time, the teams of NFL after three or four months of jersey rest after the rally began preparing for the new season, the team they launched a collective training, each team social network’s official account is always full of players hard work, but there is such a team style is elegant, their the official homepage stacked countless beautiful summer, look not their own cheerleaders beauty of their company is more vivid hot video, maybe the other team’s official homepage is to serve their own fans, but the Kansas chiefs have a great ideal, he is in the service of every one in the summer are not free people can have a heart and body home, Kansas chief has not only been a football team, he is more numerous lonely people berthing in Hong Kong Bay nfl jerseys china.

Kansas chief has a large number of beautiful and colorful cheerleading, with some open page chief video, let the heart Chi and charmed, the Team cheerleaders in the offseason to the tourist resort of the Republic of Dominica and the Atlantic in Punta Cana, Galle than this seaside town beach left numerous traces of eclectic left, the spring breeze.

It is sexy bikinis are the best for this summer, only pieces of thin cloth to cover up the beautiful carcass on the beach engraved under the curves, like a cheerleader Travis Kleist this typical blonde was not every man of youth have most want to touch you? A seat like waterfalls hair flowing across the fingertips with flowers, a pair of lovely eyes mildly, two moon like dew has also ashamed, sultry autumn Cindy with demon, Mei Italy rippling, slightly upturned mouth becomes a charm arc, lips parted handling hot breath, like a small red cherry, water run the beautiful legs fiddling with various postures, or around each other, or tilt the soft calf silently flirting, the temptation of air agitation.

Durant finally got his first championship title, and in the crucial round of the finals, the warriors always handed the ball to KD–, their most promising scorer.

“I know a lot of people say I cheat, take shortcuts, and don’t respect games.”. But I found that I am still the original, I have been training hard, playing seriously. I proved that those people were wrong.”
“Tibial fracture, season reimbursement”. This is the end of February at the Washington warriors that game Durant injured a preliminary diagnosis given by the doctor after the departure. Dramatically, KD got good news when he returned to the hotel and the new diagnosis was only a medial collateral ligament sprain, and he could be back before the regular season ended.

Regular season, Durant played 62 games, recruited him to the warriors Drummond – Green joked, in fact, the regular season does not need Durant, but in the finals he will have to play the ruling class performance. Green guessed right, and Durant took all the strength in the finals. For this day, he built a huge arsenal of weapons, jump shot, break through, any attack, he is League top level. Of course, there’s defense, as Green said, and maybe Durant’s defense is underrated all his life.

4 to 1, if not a knight to try to protect a home court in the playoffs, the warriors will epoch-making victory win. In the twinkling of an eye, KD has been in the Alliance for 10 years, and finally came to champagne.
The chief of the fans at the moment has become the real “fans”, originally boring team home suddenly turned into this, the beginning people are shocked, but from Dominica beach a subtle heat waves, shocked slowly to enjoy, enjoy slowly began to addiction. Yes, every summer, that each restless heart is lonely, the chief’s home page at this time to stand up, like every story has a savior, shed a dew point, tell them, this is the people’s forehead, we deserve to save.

When the other team is a team player, put the immutable and frozen, the chief first stood out the lens to focus the group on the pitch and crazy flower body, they should be treated in the same way, enjoy the spotlight again, as they race to add more fun, more beautiful, more vitality, it is they are there to make us feel their existence, but the team did not give them the attention they deserve. The chief stood out, like those revolutionaries past as they are by storm, they called on people not to let the secular suppress your heart, go out, feel and enjoy these beautiful, and they will give you back the same kind of beautiful, in the heart throb until the eruption, let people experience some of the summer heat and sunshine and breeze brought bursts of fragrance obsolete.

I hope such as Kansas chief’s official homepage can be more and more jerseys china, after all, in the NFL a long offseason, enough to see people banbangege scene, always needs some positive energy thing to adjust your mood and your body.

NFL draft marks west end of the League: Oakland Raiders jerseys

Division second: Oakland Raiders, score B+

Original lineup flaw: corner guard, defensive front line, running guard

The Raiders in the first round of the election is cornerback with Leon Conley, the choices we make in evaluating the performance of their draft encountered difficulty. In the two days before the draft, Conley was broke and involved with the rape, it will undoubtedly affect the draft prospects, but from all the signs that indicate that Conley seems to have been framed. He himself has also said that the Qing people, who have worked closely with the police, have voluntarily provided the police with DNA samples of their own, who have volunteered to give testimony, and he has not been arrested or prosecuted. The only problem now is that the police investigation does not know when to draw conclusions, and now can only wait. On the draft itself, Conley ability worthy of the former No. 15 pick, if the final OTC vanish, the team is undoubtedly an advantage. Just in case of risk, there were other players in the draft pool worthy of the Raiders’ signature, and it would be safer for them to pick up the nfl jerseys wholesale players and not feel sorry for them.

In addition, other teams can say quite satisfactory choice. The movement ability of Obi Melly von Ukraine in the test is remarkable, but it seems that he has been in the game did not fully play his amazing ability to exercise, however, the two line he is for the team to bring a certain supplement. Eddie van der Sar is a fan of the three seasons, his talent from high school to show up, but the performance of the University, people feel only worthy of the five round show.

Nichol said: “the baby was born at 6:53, and Kaiser scored the winning goal at 6:55 in two minutes.”.”

Only two minutes later! The birth of the baby may really give Kaiser power. The baby has been destined to be a penguin fan since birth. “He loves to listen to the ice hockey game and he’ll remember the winner.”
In the playoffs this season, Kaiser played 14 games, scoring 14 points (6 goals, 8 assists).

David SHARP provided the depth of the attack line, but Maguire – Lee in the fifth round 168th was selected, feeling a bit high. Elijah hood is a short number of experts, can give the horse Sean Lin Qi point to reduce the workload. Shalom Luyani some potential. The draft general team this year depends on the Conley problem results but did not choose the inside linebacker this should have a bad review.

Division title: Kansas City Chiefs, score A

Original lineup flaw: running guard, inside guard, quarterback

The chief’s draft performance this year will depend entirely on whether Patrick – Ma Holmes will be the main quarterback of the next generation. The team is determined to make him the successor of Alex – Smith, sending out a three – round signature and the first round of next year, just to make sure he can be selected. For a position in other loopholes, some of the main players and defensive teams such advanced in age, the price is a little big. There is no doubt about Ma Holmes’s potential, but it takes a long time to learn the attack system of NFL, and the cover of the pass will probably need to be knocked over again. Coach Andy Reed and general manager John Dorsey are sensible, they think Ma Holmes sees Bret faffe shadow. At the same time, Smith’s contract expires in 2019, so it’s too early to draw conclusions, and may wait until after five or six years to look back. The Emirates can only hope that the team will continue to perform well this year, and the first round of next year’s signing will be outside 28.

Tano Pasa is a tall figure rushed from hand, an attractive potential, but for an instant success to the team, then the draft wholesale jerseys china ando her more secure choice. Kareem Hunter in the backcourt to Spencer and Kendrick West will find help, he has 28 games out of a hundred yards in the university. Outside – a Jiehu over Chesen is a little too high, he may be more suitable in the fifth round was selected to go.

In short, the success or failure is still in Ma Holmes. Generally speaking, teams should not pay too much for rookies who do not need to play at once, but this year’s Emirates seem to feel they have no choice.

The Raiders were beautiful on the cheerleaders’ field

Raiders Cheerleaders jerseys
Raiders Cheerleaders jerseys

The Raiders turned into a pay brigade under the cheerleading squad

We all know that the Oakland Raiders will probably become NFL league’s entertainment team, because in the future the team will move to Las Vegas, they will get a lot of money to help Las Vegas, in addition, Las Vegas will provide numerous benefits for the Raiders, that is to say, the future of the Raiders will get countless benefits. But that is only the future, look back to reality in Oakland, this kind of crime and barren coexistence, not only that the Raiders even a renovation of the stadium, the Raiders are not, even the team’s cheerleaders are almost to pay wages.

Recently, the Oakland Raiders due to arrears of nearly 100 cheerleaders team wages were cheerleaders reported jointly, these beautiful cheerleaders very determined to hire lawyers to prosecute the Oakland Raiders team. According to reports, the prosecution team cheerleaders Raiders not paid all they deserve in the period of 2010-2014 and the cost of the show rehearsal overtime, so the cheerleaders have the choice of no problem, we seem to be so professional in the NFL League saw as wages phenomenon will appear in CBA.

So the cheerleaders are basically composed of women, the Raiders in cheerleaders wage behavior can be concluded as the first contains a certain degree of gender discrimination, because the Raiders had not burst or other players in the team of staff wages and the phenomenon of light is owed cheerleaders girls wages, this is easy as Raiders bully girls are not good at awareness of rights. As a NFL team, so the team’s annual profit billion, broke the salary arrears problem is there is a big impact because, according to reliable sources on total arrears of the girls a total salary of $1 million 250 thousand, which greatly affects their work enthusiasm, and $1 million 250 thousand for a NFL occupation team, but the salary cap can be ignored in the part of the minimum wage, just a free player is probably the number. So, cheap nfl jerseys the Raiders are very unkind to do so. If the team is short of money, it’s understandable, but a million dollars is not a good thing for the raiders.

Tracy and Sarah in two on behalf of the case under a pseudonym cheerleaders, now each cheerleader will receive about $20 thousand, this is the best performance of female rights in the new era, the two girls said they never thought of looking for a lawyer litigation to have such a good effect, they are very happy to fight for myself. This is a vivid example of safeguarding the rights of women, put aside, if every woman has this consciousness, believe that international women’s Liberation activities have won a great victory.

The Raiders are not the first prosecution team, like before the NBA team jerseys Milwaukee bucks cheerleaders also accused the Bucks do not pay wages; while the NFL team Buffalo Bill cheerleaders have received such treatment. Therefore, when women’s personal rights are violated, we should promptly take legal weapons to protect themselves, so that we can seek the best results.