Tai Chi Master 1v3 wins nfl football man jerseys

Experts explain how to fake

Recently, Xu Xiaodong vs Lei Tai Chi events continue to simmer, Tai Chi is pushed in the teeth of the storm. November 11, 2013 Hunan TV variety show “the challenge” in the broadcast of the Tai Chi Master Wang Zhanhai and the 3 China Agricultural University football player video by netizens were pulled out. “Southern Metropolis Daily”, “Beijing people do not know the Beijing thing” and other large and micro have forwarded, and once again sparked a heated debate. Many netizens said: “too false, a look is the child care”, “this is the performance department students out to earn extra income,” “Chinese martial arts fraud, Chinese sports fraud, Chinese media fraud.”.”
This is Wang Zhanhai Chen Tai Chi Boxing Champion second generation, won the world champion Tai Chi program, he claimed that Tai Chi Kung Fu challenge from the China Agricultural University football team, Li Tietuo Li Chuang, Wang Yakun’s defense. A program is made at the beginning of full potential, each kind of after put malicious words, Li Tietuo said: “Teacher Wang, I see you is a stunt, the ball, I put you on the court for this temporary custody, we have to get it back.” And the polite Teacher Wang responded similarly, “once the ball is given to me, I feel it’s hard for you to take it back from my hand.”.”

The Tai Chi Master 1v3 football man showdown rule is that, in the 50*50 football field, a Tai Chi nfl jerseys football ball, rugby side three people defensive interception, 3 minutes if Taiji ball reach lines, then win, whereas Rugby party wins. The showdown finally began after trying to exaggerate the age, shape, gap, and tension of both sides.

First, Wang Yakun took the lead to Wang launched an impact, Wang Yi a force easily escaped. Fill up a sudden jump on Li Tietuo, Wang turned him down, and then to the king Li Chuang Teacher Wang foot attack, a flexible jump, then, was to repeat the “fierce” attack and Wang “clever” resolve. After the interview that the secret out of surgery, Mr. Wang said that “Tai Chi spiral and flash station maneuvers, three football players said:” Teacher Wang these technical movements, never seen in the football field.”

For their “Duel”, some experts have made an interpretation. The first played for foreign clubs, football players, only one representative of the people’s Liberation Army and Zhongnongda both teams won the national championship football player, Chinese national team in 2006 Doha Asian Games bronze medal. Liu Kai is such analysis:

1. the king Yakun defense did not move the body to the standard position, hastily tapped his shoulder or head even in grasping the basic sense of No.
2., Li Tie has not put the weight of his body into the shoulder, tighten his arms to embrace each other, but when Wang turned to loosen his arms and fall.
3. Li Chuang Wang head to the soles of the feet of the air arm, deliberately down sweep, not on target.

4., the defender’s low position, after throwing his arms, as long as the defense normal contraction of arms, Wang will be thrown upside down, but the defender’s arms until the ground is kept open ring.
5. finally there was a defender who caught Mr. Wang’s clothes. But when he turned around, he could see clearly that the 5 finger of his right hand had not been opened properly.
6. defenders and teacher Wang was on and he must go hand in hand, speed faster than Wang, but apparently he deliberately slowed down, let Wang ran out after the chase, at the end of the show up before a fight.
In 7. the program rules, as long as 3 people make Wang 3 minutes Neibuda array can win, as long as the king of the teacher to keep in a safe distance from front distance 30 meters. The 3 had absolutely no reason to chase a distance of 40 meters away from the front, and tried to keep away from the front.
8., from the professional point of view of football, a defender can not make the case, teammate team defense is the most cheap football jerseys normal on-the-spot judgment. In a limited number of individual defensive contacts to Wang’s body stalemate, why other people sitting on the mountain view tiger fight?

Not to mention the real football clothing has superior resistance to tear will be torn, and the king of the teacher wearing a tai chi clothing can not help pull can still see texture intact, wearing spikes and 20 year students in the grass ran but wear flat shoes 40 year old uncle, this is a little troubling. Wear shoes with spikes can effectively increase the friction force between the sole and the grass, to provide support, this is common sense. Liu Kai also said: “Taijiquan and football is totally different. Another powerful Tai Chi Boxer, get a touchdown in rugby rules over 3 professional football player, absolutely impossible. It’s like making sure that once the world’s first strong rugby players, New Zealand superstar Jonah Romu (Lomu) professional training in the absence of professional boxing.”

The effect of the program can not represent the competitive level of Chinese sports, variety show, reality show has a script, a sports event, why should I take it seriously?. “Run” in the fifth quarter of a large fry Luhan and Di Ali Gerba on this CP, for two people in manufacturing all kinds of pink, this Zheng Kai said in an interview “program is the program, life is life.” Here, I’m afraid to say, the program is the program, sports is sports, do not confuse the program with Chinese sports.

NFL active players play basketball, such as Duncan

Praise Philadelphia special delicacy

Since the beginning of the 2017 NFL draft, ESPN joint Tencent sports to have active NFL players, defensive end James and kausar once in NFL trial China by kicker Ding dragon as a special guest, bring the draft and to be held in Philadelphia, a variety of news for people. The two people deliberately went to the Chinese fans known as NBA team, 76 people in Philadelphia training base, bring about a visit to the people to open up a fresh outlook.

Two people entered the training venues for 76 people in Philadelphia, and it is worth mentioning that the total venue area of 76 people is 11613 square meters, which is the largest training venue in NBA. While two of the conversation is also mentioned in this case, 76 people entered the training hall, the first thing is that the hanging 1954-55 season, 1966-67 season, 1982-83 Season Three Championship flag and Allen – Iverson, Julius – Erwin, Maurice, Chamberlain, Qi, Greer, Bobby hall Jones, Billy, Charles – Barkley Cunningham et al retired. Looking at the countless legend Jersey, two people talking to each other favorite team. As the Oakland Raiders player James kausar graduated from the Southern Utah University, the first said the Utah Jazz you love most, and Ding Long is love Sanantonio spurs here kausar also mentioned his team is the most hate the Spurs, this also let two people laughed at each other, the scene is very interesting. Then two people chatted to Chinese fans favorite players of Allen Iverson, Iverson’s number 3 Jersey has been retired 76 people hanging up, for Iverson, an American, is also very admirable kausar.

Then two people started in the whole NBA largest playing basketball in the gym, experience a lot of NBA players feel, although as a NFL player, a variety of venues for kausar NFL teams have been surprised, but in the NBA basketball hall is special experience. Two a little competition, Ding dragon first free throws to try, the ball bounced out of the frame and then shot as costs, occupation athletes very robust he put the ball into the basket. The visit to the 76 people’s training hall in Philadelphia ended in a laugh.

Then two people continue to bring Philadelphia culture for the people, in addition to the Philadelphia eagles, Philadelphia Eagles such sports culture, for the people of Philadelphia, with the characteristics of beef sandwich is Philadelphia’s traditional food culture.

It’s important to control the mood of the players. Too much excitement and too much loss can lead to the team’s failure. In the two games we saw two players excited mood, the penguin striker Cassell at assistant coach Rick – Cade complained, and because the water does not leak Senator defense and depression, and Malkin because of a lost opportunity to coach Mike Sullivan complained, but eventually the two a super star in two full of experience coaching or get back on track, scored the winning goal. But this time the player’s little emotion has been solved, does not mean that the future will be so easy to solve.

As a NFL player in Ding Long James kausar prompt, two people began to talk about Philadelphia’s classic delicacy: cheese, steak sandwiches. Then two people walked right up to a restaurant called PAT’S KING OF SEAKS, a very famous restaurant in Philadelphia. In order to show the Chinese food culture to the Chinese fans, the two decided to come forward and enjoy the food in Philadelphia, Philadelphia.

The two asked for a sandwich, so they sat down at the open table and enjoyed themselves. Compared with the wife is Philadelphia Ding Long kausar is the first attempt to the characteristics of Philadelphia sandwiches, said this sandwich kausar taste very good.

Ding Long also explains the characteristics of the Philadelphia beef sandwich, which he believes is different from other sandwiches, where the sandwich beef slices are large, unlike other sandwiches that chop beef. As a graduate of the Southern Utah University, said that Utah has no such special costs of food, he believes that Philadelphia is like New York listed city with great food.

Then the two joked about PAT in the restaurant’s name, perhaps because the boss was a patriot fan. Of course, the fact is that the restaurant’s history is even longer than that of the patriots. In order to better feel beef sandwiches, kausar also specifically to learn to do the kitchen looks very interesting and lovely sandwiches.

NFL ten great low ranked talent star (two jerseys)

One of the best outside players in history, one nfl jerseys of the best defensive forwards, and the player considered by many to be NFL’s first ever star, was selected outside the 100 place.

6. Richard – Dent, defensive ends, 1983, eighth round 203, Chicago bear
The Chicago cubs of the 1985 season are widely regarded as the strongest single team in NFL history. The main defensive side of the team, Richard – Dent, is also a low profile black horse. The twentieth super bowl, the season he played a dominant performance, and reached its peak in the twentieth Super Bowl: 1.5 sacks, 2 caused the opponent off the ball, interrupted 1 times pass, this data made him the history of the strongest team in the Super Bowl MVP. He was selected 4 times in the season’s best team, and in the 1994 season with the San Francisco 49 team to win again.

5. Bart Starr quarterback, 1956, seventeenth round 200, Green Bay Packers

As the MVP quarterback who won the first and second super bowl, Starr will certainly appear on this list. Although the 60s NFL, not as much of a pass as it is now, Starr, the chief quarterback for the ruling Green Bay Packers, also shines in ability and achievement. Not only did the team win the 5 NFL championship and the 2 Super Bowl Championship, but he also won the 1 regular season MVP, and the 2 Super Bowl MVP.

4 – Jones Deakin, defensive end, 1961, the fourteenth round of 186, Losangeles rams

It is a long time star, Jones Deakin defensive end this position will bring about a revolution. In Losangeles, he was the leader of the defensive front line known as the “Fearsome Foursome”. 8 selected professional bowl, 8 season best team, the 2 defense team MVP, even the “capture” the word, allegedly by him. In the era when the data haven’t started counting, he was said to have won 26 and 24 kills in the 1967 and 68 seasons, and if true, it would be the most in the history of NFL.

3. Roger – J Tao Bach, quarterback, 1964, tenth round 129, Dallas Cowboys

As a result of military service, although the university performance is wonderful, but J Tao Bach’s draft is still very low. The Cowboys trusted him and paid off. When he returned from military service in 1969, J Tao Bach immediately became one of the founding fathers of the cowboys’ team of America nfl jerseys nike, and he himself was named captain of the United states. The 2 Super Bowl champion, 1 regular season MVP, 1 finals MVP, qualified in the first year of 1985, he was inducted into the hall of fame.

2 – Johnny Younai Tasmania, quarterback, in 1955, the ninth round 102, Pittsburgh Steelers

The difference Younai beskitas and other people is that he was chosen shortly after the Steelers cut, great achievements in career are in another team, the Baltimore Colts made. But it does not affect him. He is also a low ranking superstar and one of the greatest soccer players of all time. He had 3 regular season MVP, 1 Super Bowl titles, and 47 consecutive regular season passes, a record that was not broken by Drew Bracey until more than 50 years later.

1 Tom Brady, quarterback, in 2000, the sixth round 199, the new England Patriots

This list of the first story, everyone has been familiar with. In the second years of occupation career, Brady because Drew Bledsoe injured and hastily took place in this position for 16 years for that (and continues). In the 16 years so far, he has won the 2 regular season MVP, the 5 Super Bowl champion, and the 4 Super Bowl MVP. In the last season before, on the history of the first star who is there may be controversial, but two months ago, he in the fifty-first Super Bowl in the middle of the third quarter 25 points behind, but eventually complete reversal, won fourth career crown, may have all of the disputes are found on the set. The list of 9 other people in the rankings, who is tall, who is low, there is room for discussion. But in the scouting system changed in twenty-first Century, with such a low priority to achieve such a high achievement, there is no doubt that the history of the first Brady low ranking superstar.

NFL ten great low ranked talent star (1)

In the NFL draft, high ranked players are expected to have high expectations. In history, however, some superstars have been selected in a very low position.

Here are the ten low CIS stars in the history of NFL:

10 – Antonio Brown, receivers, 2010, sixth round 195th, Pittsburgh Steelers

Tom Brady is the history of the most amazing low round quarterback miracle, Brown is undoubtedly the most amazing low round outside over the miracle. Students were influenced by their family environment, and Brown’s grades were so bad that they couldn’t get into the rugby school. In the 2010 draft, he is also considered the only speed, a running route will only turn to a player, that year for the 21 wide receiver was selected before Brown, but Brown after being drafted, but by hard work all day in and day out, let oneself the level today is more than the front. In 2014, his 1698 yard catch list, season history, 82015th season, his 1834 yard catch history, fourth. In the hands of today’s alliance, only Julio – Jones and Odell – Beckham can be compared with him, and the two are expensive for the first round of the show. Since Brown’s career is not over yet, we can’t give him a precise historical position, so we’ll put him in tenth place for the time being. I believe he will use brave performance, improve their historical status.

9 – Terrell Davies, running back, in 1995 196, Denver broncos.

Although due to injury, his occupation career is very short, but Terrell Davies in his 6 years of occupation career that has been great achievements. 1996-98, the three season, he ran for three consecutive years 1500+ yards, became the team’s quarterback John – Herve behind another Neptune needle. In 1997, super bowl, he played only three games, ran out of 157 yards, and became the Super Bowl in the history of the first three rushed to the array of players, was elected Super Bowl MVP. In the regular season of 1998, he became the fourth member of the 2000 – Yard Club in NFL history by 2008 yards and was elected the regular season MVP. The Denver Mustang also succeeded in defending the Super Bowl champion. Although 1998 Davies’s career was seriously affected by a severe knee injury, he played only 17 games in the next three years, and ended his career at the age of 2001 at the age of 29. But, as he himself said, he had got all the honors he could get, so he had no regrets.

8. Raymond – Berri, outside take over, 1954, Twentieth round 232, Baltimore pony

An older member of the hall of fame. Raymond – Berri in 1954 by the Baltimore Colts was still selected, my whole career occupation to the colts. He was selected to 6 occupation bowl, 3 time all NBA two times, led the team to get the NFL championship, NFL50 anniversary and the 75 anniversary of the best team members in history. Considering his low rank, such achievement is commendable.

7. Shannon – SHARP, near end, 1990, seventh round 192, Denver Mustang

Check out the history of NFL, and if you say the most successful team in a low ranking player, there is no doubt that it is the Denver mustang. Like Davies, Shannon – SHARP is also a big star around Herve. In the Denver Mustang and the Baltimore crow, he served as the main team with three Super Bowl titles, three times he was the team’s quarterback’s most trusted catcher, and in 2011 he was inducted into the hall of fame. Although his big mouth character often lets the adversary anger, but his ability also lets the opponent have no alternative.

Forster: I was shocked!

But in the first round draft pick in the us shocked is jerseys news too much, the drop in the front end position players, have to say the draft is definitely a mind game, the team’s management brains, infighting, a player is in a position to go butterfly effect triggered by enough to break the normal the cognition, so that in the United States to take away the NFL draft NBA playoff ratings can be too much, after all, the draft has slowly transformed into a reality show, but also that comes with suspense, reasoning effects of high-end programs, how can people not love.

Chiefs do not look at the future look forward to long-term investment can also be understood

Then with the price of Bill and the chiefs of the transaction, and they changed from 27 to the cis position of the tenth. Just select a play in a fixed system of quarterback, although Ma Holmes 5000+ codes with 40+ array level in the NCAA brush, but the position of chief of defense is not selected do not choose the ground offensive, give up that force, chose to focus on the future. You know the chief after Jamal Charles was injured and can not show the good level to punch the ball and Arrakis Smith, there are a few years available, quarterback can chiefs wanted to wait until next year, but it is also because a Chubisiji was bears away in second, four candidates who suddenly suffered compression. But at this time the chief is eager to pick a traditional quarterback like Ma Holmes, who is still a problem in adapting to modern football tactics.

In general, this draft before ten disappointing selection too much, all this is attributed to the bears and Titan with a wave of good rhythm, they forced the quarterback and took over all hot up, the result is like 49 people and the New Orleans saints team. They easily picked up a defender. And in today’s second round, most of the teams have started to choose, but there is still a very independent team.

Tiger with winnowing external blame players too incompetent

Before you answer the question, please let me congratulate the maple leafs. Look at what they are doing here, the atmosphere here, the maple leaf country, all the young players and fans here. They have oppressed us so badly that we know better than you, the media and the fans, how hard it is, how hard it is to play here. They had a wonderful season and they had a lot to look forward to in the future. I know that in the future if there are mature players want to go to a mature team, they will come to Toronto.”

The Cincinnati tiger team was the Titans with lightning frighten quickly chose 40 yards record man John Ross, the brother in the United camp 40 yards in the test, Ross ran 4.22 seconds to create a new record. Cincinnati tiger team chose Ross largely because the other team took over the ability really bad, in the face of the Bengal tiger team can even give up over to others on the AJ- marker, Green double and Green injuries for the tiger is also a hidden danger, in the event of the two best wide receiver being selected in advance to go, tiger plans into cheap jerseys disarray, they are not on line reinforcement, although Ross makes people slightly disappointed, but it can only be said in desperation, strain Cincinnati must make the tiger team.

After the capital’s overtime victory over the maple leaf, coach Barry Trotz walked into a crowded media room, with dozens of journalists, eager not to let reporters to ask questions, but very generously praised the struggle with them five overtime opponent.

More than ten minutes ago, when the maple leaf team was lore, the audience almost no fans immediately exit. The maple leafs players gather together, raise the club on their hands and greet the fans around the court. All the football fans waving white handkerchiefs, shouting in unison, “Go Leafs go”. The capital men’s team is in a row, shaking hands with each other.

Not disappointed, many fans eyes are full of tears. But they are more aware that this playoff journey has come to some surprise,wholesale jerseys losing is not shameful. They are more willing to look forward to the memorable season behind, the best hockey, the best maple leafs, still in the future.

It’s hard to lose, but you look around the room and I think we’ve done everything. I think we left all that we could do on the ice. I think we have a bright future.” In the dressing room, a rookie who scored a goal, said Mattews. His number 34 shirt is the biggest in the field. Before the game, there are local media pulled the fans on the square, the maple leaf team who is most likely to retire here, there are a lot of fans say the name of the mattews. He deserves all the love.

Pittsburgh Steelers nfl Player jerseys china

Rahm Qi Ke was chosen to go with the Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers nfl Player jerseys Bolles had selected Robinson Kamm par, is a good offensive tackle the top three. The saints indeed looking for right tackle Zach, his successor, however, did not expect the team even before the first selected defensive end selected offensive tackle.

No. 25: Jia Brill peipers, Michigan, safetys, Cleveland Brown (from Dezhou people and trade)

Peipers is a rare all-around player, can play the safetys played linebacker on defense group, in the attack group played running back, the unit played back to attack the hand. The Brown team to attack special lack of people speaking, no matter what position peipers can come in handy. The only question is, just last week peipers broke the in vivo test urine test failed, it seems Brown’s management believes that this is not a problem.

No. 26: calliste tower – Mckinley, University of California at Los Angeles, Atlanta (from the outside linebacker, Falcon Seahawks and fair)
Falcon is similar to the Raiders, although there is a defensive team – Beasley – the big kill, but in fact the overall performance is very general, was recognized in the first round of the election pass, the final selection of the manager is also the reason for the Mckinley.

No. 27: special radar Weiesi – White, Louisiana state, cornerback, buffalo Bill (from the Emirates and fair)
The Bill team lost Gilmore headed west, von angle in this free market, so it is urgent to line two, selected cornerback belongs to the reason, White’s strength has also been considered in the first round by the end of may be selected. Generally speaking, it is a reasonable choice.

No. 28: taco Charlton, Michigan, the Dallas Cowboys defensive end.
Charlton has recently been considered to be selected at the end of the first round, and the lack of defensive side of the Cowboys is also well known. Therefore, before all the predictions are to match the cowboy with Charlton, the cowboy is indeed the choice.

29: David en library, Miami (Florida), near front, Cleveland, Brown (from the packers trade)
Njoku is also the top tight end, originally considered at least in the top 15, unexpectedly Pittsburgh Steelers nfl Player jerseys fell to the end, even in Engelamu, indeed some unexpected. Brown almost every position is short of talent, select the front end is also very reasonable.

No. 30: TJ- Watt, Wisconsin, outside linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers
TJ JJ- is the brother of Watt, there are 15.5 negative yardage holds 11.5 sacks last season, has been considered to be the end of the first round of the second round or at the beginning of the level, and the main 3-4 formation the Steelers also can say very suitable.

No. 31: Reuben – Forster, Alabama, inside Wei, 49 people in San Francisco (from the Seahawks and fair)
Forster was considered to be the first five levels of the draft, I did not expect to have fallen to the number of thirty-first. He has worked with the staff in the period of conflict. But I did not expect it to be so much attention to the team, do not choose him. The 49 may think that the next saint will pick him up before the saints.

32: Ryan Rahm, Wisconsin,, New Orleans

Overall, the overall trend of the first round of this year’s draft, with the previous experts differ widely in the forecast. This is a typical three year quarterback, quarterback objectively didn’t match the first round, but are in the top 12 were selected, and their teams are selected for this specially made transaction, reflects the team on this position fling caution to the winds. In addition, the universe of Alabama three will Allen, Howard and Forster because of different reasons for the overall decline, but also makes people sigh.