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Washington Redskins announced on Friday that the team’s name would be fully evaluated. “In the light of recent events at home and feedback from our fan base, Redskins in Washington announced that the team name will be fully evaluated,” Redskins said in a statement. “This assessment formalizes preliminary discussions between […]

NFL epidemic prevention work can not stop! When the NFL decided to cancel this year’s Hall of fame, there were concerns about whether the preseason could be played for four weeks. Now that worry has become a reality. According to sources, the NFL has decided to reduce the number of […]

The NFL is expected to open training camp on July 28 to cut down on pre-season games The NFL and the players’ Union have reached an agreement to open the training camp on July 28, according to NFL Network reporters on Wednesday. Rookies are usually the first to report to […]

The NFL slogans were loud, but Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading American expert in infectious diseases, was still not 100% sure whether the rugby season would come later this year. In an interview on June 18, Dr. fossi said the rugby team should be in a “bubble” so as to […]

Allow players to kneel to protest, Trump: I don’t watch NFL and American football anymore Twitter screenshot This month, the Professional Football League (NFL) and the Football Association of the United States announced that they would allow players to speak out against violent law enforcement and racial discrimination in the […]

Pittsburgh Steelers training camp plan?

Steelers plan to hold a training camp at Heinz Stadium Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the NFL has previously issued a notice requiring all clubs to hold training camps in their own facilities. As one of the teams that are used to training in other places, […]

Don’t think about going out for training! The NFL stipulates that this season’s training camp can only be held on its own site In the past few months, because of the impact of the epidemic, all NFL teams have to carry out their first stage training camp online; although the […]

The eagles want the team to sign LeSean McCoy On Saturday, us time, the eagles’ foreign manager (desean Jackson) and the offensive interceptor (Lane Johnson) participated in the program, during which they discussed the possibility of LeSean McCoy jerseys return to the team. “That’s what I want to see, you […]

Unless it has to choose the opposite, the NFL is not planning to play in the open for the new season. Troy Vincent, the league’s executive vice president for game operations, said in an interview that the League currently plans to fully open the stadium at the start of the […]