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NFL in China to promote the line: the cultivation of the market to take root

For a long time, the promotion of NFL in China is facing two difficulties. One is the fan base is weak, a lot of things have to start from scratch; second, China does not have an official body to promote the sport of American football.

According to the introduction of Richard, NFL China in the early consciousness, we must make great efforts to cultivate the mass base. For example, he said, is 8 years ago on the flag football league, is to let the football in the Chinese more down to earth, cowboy let more young people to participate in cheap nfl jerseys,cheap nfl jerseys china,cheap nfl jerseys online this sport, and as an important means of a popular project.The new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) did not attend Wednesday at the White House at the Super Bowl Championship celebration.

"Our team has been very special and we are very proud of it now and in the future. I thank the president for the glorious celebration and the support of our team for so long. Due to some recent Falcon arrangements, I am unable to participate in today's celebration, because I am going to participate in family activities. If we can win the title again in the future, we will be back to the White House South Lawn soon. Have a nice day!" Brady has also been absent from the first two trips to the white house. In winning the forty-ninth super bowl, Brady said that due to schedule conflict he was unable to travel to the white house. Waist flag football in that particular stage of development, does play a certain role in promoting, China is now a group of American football practitioners, is completed through the flag football football enlightenment. But now the domestic football environment has changed a lot. In addition to the official activities of the NFL, such as the city bowl, AFLC, such as the domestic Amateur League, similar to the huge array of this football training program, is subject to market and capital concerns.

Brady did not tell him the details of the decision, but he posted his parents' wedding wholesale nfl jerseys,cheap nfl jerseys authentic photo on a personal Instagram on Wednesday, which could mean he was celebrating his parents' wedding anniversary.

So, Richard's point of view is that American football is already a can earn money, "Good Business". In this one, NFL is more to play a role of help and support. Through the provision of coaching, training courses and other means, NFL will work with domestic institutions to enhance the influence of football programs in China and professional level.


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